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    Sold/Expired Needed - Cornet cases. are selling off York cases including cornet cases. Exactly the same as Besson cases.
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    blessing cornet?

    Yes, bought a number of these on eBay over time for our youth band. They tend to go fairly cheap but are very sturdy, free blowing etc. Better than the Elkharts etc you will also see for sale. Should see her through her first grades no problem.
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    Which Mouthpiece

    Think you mean Denis Wick 4B! Bog standard cornet mouthpiece - stick with it for now! (BTW the Besson 600 was actually sold with a Besson 7, which I always found good with beginners also.)
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    Sold/Expired besson prestige euph

    I have one of the newer German made ones and I think it's great! One word of warning is when disassembling the trigger. Be careful of the 2 plastic inserts. Few people realise one has a left handed thread, the other a right handed thread and are easy to wreck if you don't realise it! (But...
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    Easiest Section 4/Youth Band Test Piece

    Would agree with this - Young In Heart by Eric Ball is another easy one
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    ABRSM v Trinity

    I'd pretty much go along with your teacher! Unless someone specifically asks for ABRSM, I do Trinity with my students. Just a lot less hastle.
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    Music for Australian delegation

    Hi, a neighbouring band have been asked to play for a delegation from Australia. Can anyone suggest suitable pieces? Waltzing Matilda is a given!!
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    Eb Travel Tuba?

    Willson already make one
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    Marching strap - my shoulder deserves a reliable blood supply

    Thomann sell an own brand one with a soft white underpart, that doesn't cut like a plain strap. They also sell a type with some sort of aircell padding. But I've often thought though that carrige rings on a BBb was someone's idea of a joke, but nobody got the punchline!
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    Getting Bass Cases Repaired

    Windcraft They sell wheel and handles. I recently replaced the wheels on a besson case. About 10-12 pounds. They just pop out and you can install the new ones easily enough. 10 minute job.
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    Sold/Expired Instrument repair specialist needed

    Check out Youtube. There's a good video on how to take out the rotary valve on a french horn. Same as trombone.
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    Difference between E flat and EE flat Bass?

    There's no standard recognised meaning to the term - loosely it just means "bigger" - but can mean anything you like. These days, Bb and Eb are used more to refer to smaller students models. In the same way you can get 1/2, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 size tubas. What each manufacturer means by this...
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    Test Pieces for Junior Band

    Ceramic City is by Stuart Johnson. Drawcansir (Relton) is very straight forward. Northumbrian Suite (Johnston) is a little harder but still accessable. And yes, Young in Heart is also a good one. All have the advantage of not putting the Solo Cornet above G. (I think!)
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    Buying a couple of new baritones. . Help!

    We've done this with a few instruments, and it's worked out well! And cheaper....
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    Band Photocopying

    I know we get 5,000 flyers printed every year, but we get company to do that for us. It seems very high but within the realms of possibility, depending on useage, and especially if they have a youth band. If they have say 40 kids, if they were to get a booklet of 20 parts twice a year, thats...