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    York YTH-3050 Preference

    I,m confused also! Denton band is looking to buy a new horn. I play an old Soverign which is a great instrument but the valves arnt as good as they were. Whats the best around now,York or Soverign? I've been trying a york and the sound is good, easy to play and top register is great, but...
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    Horn Mouthpieces

    Yep it does anoy me! The tenor horn is the least thought of instrument in the brass band. I found a mouthpiece to suit by finding one in an old instrument,(it has a shallower cup, which helps me with the high reister).
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    Hi, Im Deb, got roped into playing with tmp band an sat, which was very enjoyable(although v. loud at rehearsal), with lots of new music! Vicki played fantastic, makes you feel like giving up. Used to play horn with Blackley band years ago and gave up completly to have the kids, but lil horn...