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    Molde Brass Band (Norway) need solo trombone...

    get in touch We've had a number of tentative enquires, but nothing concrete yet! Please get in touch if you're interested... even just to enquire :-)
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    Molde Brass Band (Norway) need solo trombone...

    Molde Brass Band are working together with Frei Hornmusikk to create a package which is attractive to Trombone player who could also conduct another local band. LOTS of information on our webpage... please take the time to look...
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    Paddy's British Open - 2011

    awesome post! Rob you have encouraged me to come out of hibernation to agree wi ya!!! Great post......!!! The hissing and intake of breath... I mean seriously! Anyone who's ever played on that stage just wouldn't do it.... As for your thoughts about the winner... Fodens were clearly the...
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    Withington heads to Fodens

    Not the best results? Fodens have won the areas, the open, 2nd at nationals, the masters and many whit fridays in the last few years. It's only a year since they were ranked number 1 in the rankings!! I am absolutely delighted that Fodens have Allan Withington, I hope he brings them the...
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    Fodens won Fairys 2nd layland 3rd
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    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

    Rothwell were winners for me, Dyke a very close second! They were both streets ahead IMHO!! Steve Walsh was immense, pure class.
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    Sold/Expired Besson Sovereign Cornet for Sale

    Check out ebay
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    Paddy's Brass in Concert '09

    nice commentary garry - enjoyed reading your opinions! :-) are u still signed with B&R?? keep golfing
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    2009 RAH Final 17/10/09

    congrats dyke on another victory!! did anybody hear somebody behind my band clanging around at the beginning and in the quiet bits?? quite off putting!! :-S deave - fodens
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    The correct method of playing the euphonium

    To be fair, the guy asked for advice from top euph players and martyn has been the only one to offer some advice!! I'm sure he's been british open solo champ before?! Anyhow, interesting advice about cup of tea! Is it cos it opens up the throat ? I once had a rather hot cup of tea before...
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    sousaphone and whit friday

    popular? really?
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    Easter Football

    Its looking like a few extra bands are gonna take part from last time but the offer is still open for participants!! Should be a good doo :-)
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    Easter Football

    I am organising a band 6 a side football competition on Wednesday 15th April at Bedford High School in Leigh. It begins at 2.00pm and will include as many teams as possible. Last half term was a succesful event with teams from Fodens, Faireys, Leyland, Dyke and RNCM entering, it proved to be...
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    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2009

    I listened to 9 out of 12 bands and I'm very surprised with the results! Personally I can't believe B&R didn't qualify, really enjoyed their performance. Some of the best playing I heard all day was from Sop and Euph @ Hepworth and Top man @ Marsden. Well done to all the qualifying bands...