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    New Zealand Nationals - Live Broadcast this weekend

    just wanted to say great job with the feed matey and great job with the commentary provided much amusement over the weekend. The quality of feed was excellent as well no buffering issues or lag and clarity of picture and sound was awesome. I only hope that someone can provide you with the...
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    Mr Bear and Mr Rabbit are wandering through the magical forest minding there own business when all of a sudden they come across a clearing in the forest. The sun shone down into this clearing and in the middle was a rock and upon this rock was a shiny kettle like object glimmering in light...
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    Myspace Users

    mine is
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    *opens door to joke thread slightly.............. peers in to see if anyones about...............enters quickly..... Gets joke out of bag and posts it Q. What's Green, got six legs and'll kill ya if it jumps out of a tree?!?!?!?!?!? A. A snooker table * Puts joke back in bag and tip toes...
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    The Limerick contest

    There once was a young tenor horn Whose band jacket got terribly torn . . . The buttons fell off . . . Whenever she'd cough
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    That still isn't it...*sighs Take the S out of safe and the F out of way *Person then thinks......takes the S out of Safe to make Afe then tries to take the F out of 'way'...but hang on a mo there's a bit of a dilemma Where's the F in way?....person then transmits this thought it verbal...
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    The F out of way? I don't geddit. think carefully about it
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    The Limerick contest

    One day, while visiting Skegness, A cornettist tried on a dress, His name was Craigy, He looked great as a lady, But his makeup was a great blo ody mess One day whilst playing a march
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    Q. How do you fit an elephant into a Safeway carrier bag? A. You take the S out of Safe and the F out of way ..............................(!)............(?)
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    keep the rhyme going!!

    The rumours you hear are correct and are true Back in July was the big wedding do One more thing...we're expecting a baby Due in July, early August Maybe
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    We'll Meet again
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    Want a magnetic trumpet that will make you exhaulted and bring good fortune?

    Found this on ebay thought the trumpets looked cool but don't think I'd buy off this description
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