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    Hade Edge Band, Yorkshire 1st section - vacancies

    Just a quick update, We are still looking for a cornet player to join our front row team and fill the only space in our band! So if anyone likes the idea of playing in a friendly band with fantastic facilities and a fantastic bunch of people then get in contact with anyone of us either by...
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    Sold/Expired Double/Triple trumpet gig bag for sale This is a surplus bag that came with one of my instruments but seeing as I already have a triple case it may as well go to a good home. It's a really nice bag, especially...
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    NW Cornet Looking for a Band

    I think leyland are looking for front row or rep?
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    Hade Edge Band, Yorkshire 1st section - vacancies

    Hade Egde Band, Yorkshire 1st section requires Front row cornet Hi, Hade Edge Band, Yorkshire 1st section, are looking for a front row cornet player due to a player relocation. We are situated just outside Holmfirth and have just moved into our stunning new purpose-built bandroom and have a...
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    Myspace Users nice and simple
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    Is there life after Arban?

    Hi, I use these books James Stamp- Warm-ups and Studies Rolf Quinque- Methode Allen Vizzuti- books 1 and 2 Herbert Clarke- Technical Studies Dr Charles Colin- Advanced Lip Flexibilites I use the arban too for scale studies. I wouldn't say its essential that you have them all but each...
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    Pontins Predicitions?!

    That answers my question perfectly :clap: Thanks
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    Pontins Predicitions?!

    I'm really confused, why are some 1st section bands for example lindley and pennine in the champ section at pontins when other 1st section bands from yorkshire like marsden are in 1st section? Is it to do with previous pontins'? :confused:
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    Whit Friday Saddleworth Results

    We all said a few :guiness wouldn't make any difference!! Ahh well it was a very memorable whit friday anyway! So gutted I didn't get to see you Col and B and also play with you, but i was told i couldn't hehe but i'm glad you had an ace time. And as for Mick- getting a cheeky last pint in at...
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    Shenandoah arrangement sought

    I agree, 'Mid all the Traffic' is gorgeous dave! The one we did at uni, get that one, get that one!!! xx
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    silent brass for horn?!?

    Get a Ssshhh mute rather than silent brass. They do a specific tenor horn one i think. My flatmate just got one and it must be good because i can never hear her! Plus i have a silent brass which i paid about 100 quid for and i never use the earphones anyway-too much hassle. I don't really like...
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    I like living in ___________ because.......

    I love living in the Peak District because it's really the most beautiful place in the world. The people are lovely and it's just home. Nuff said. I hate living there because everything is really expensive. There are loads of farmer chavs. Nothing is less than an hour away and getting...
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    Buxton Contest

    What you mean when we work out what we're playing davey dave?! :-?
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    Rudest thing you've seen in a concert

    It happened in a Grimethorpe concert i went to Di, at Buxton Opera house. It was early December and i guess the audience (of which the majority were 60+) were expecting a christmas programme, but they didn't get it and so they shouted comments at Elgar Howarth as he introduced pieces and...