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    Soprano players blues

    I pretty much agree with everyone else, most other players can hide having a bad day but us sop players can't, just forget about it, move on and just chalk it up to experience........ and if in doubt just tell the MD that you are having to support the front row too much so they should give you...
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    Caption Competition - January 2009

    And I thought the normal marching jobs were a pain in the a@@@!
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    Played off Number 1 Draw

    Unfortunately played off a number one draw about 11 times.... one win, one third...... and the rest... pass!
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    best ever soprano player

    Sorry But I have to go with Mr Evans - I've heard many people play some amazing solo work on sop but he is the only one ever to bring tears to my eyes from the emotion in his playing
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    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Yet another Xmas Pressie - Defvying Gravity from Wicked by Kerry Ellis from her 3 track EP
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    Denton appoint new MD

    Very good luck to you all ! I had the pleasure to play under Graham at Moston and Beswick and then later at Blackley I'm sure you will move forward and have a successfull time together David
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    Eb Bass requried

    The KM Medway Concert Brass are currently looking for an Eb bass player. This can either be as a full member or as a regular Dep. For futher info drop me a live via here or call me on 07952947613
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    SCABA Autumn Contest Folkstone 2007

    Yes we are Mate ! see you tomorrow !
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    SCABA Entertainment Contest (Crawley) 20th May

    Southern Counties Amateur Bands Association (SCABA) Results: 26th Annual Entertainment Contest Sunday: 20th May, 2007 at The Hawth, Crawley Ocean Brass & Thundersley Brass tops at The Hawth The 26th Annual Entertainment Contest, promoted by the Southern Counties Amateur Bands...
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    SCABA 2007 Autumn Contest

    Southern Counties Amateur Band Association (SCABA) is pleased to announce that the 2007 SCABA Autumn Contest will be taking place at the Leas Cliff Hall and Channel Conference Centre, in Folkestone, on 13th & 14th October 2007. Following the cancellation of the 2006 SCABA Autumn Contest...
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    Christmas Music Suggestions Please

    I'm not sure of the arranger but we use areasonable arrangement of Joy to the World called Joy. Its takes the piece into a blues brothers sort of setting. Very effective and the punters seem to like it !
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    Quartets Required

    Have a look at The arrangements of Canon & Toccata are rather interesting !!!
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    SCABA Band of the Year 2006

    May I suggest before you make comments like that you are aware of all the facts ! I'm a member of the executive committee of SCABA and the hall was booked on the day of the last contest as it is done each year ! The venue actually booked out the rest of the facilities which made holding the...
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    Bop It, Extreme 2!

    Errmmm... when you reach 250 it stops ! game over !......
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    SCABA Crawley entertainment contest thread!

    Southern Counties Amateur Bands Association (SCABA) Results: 25th Annual Entertainment Contest Sunday: 21st May, 2006 at The Hawth, Crawley Friary Guildford & Thundersley Brass tops at The Hawth The 25th Annual Entertainment Contest, promoted by the Southern Counties Amateur Bands...