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    Roger Thorne

    So sorry to hear this. I was a contributor to tMP in its early days and though I never met him, I enjoyed Roger's contributions to the forum. RIP
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    Piccolo trumpet - penny lane

    PS, I am in general agreement with the others on here. If you've never played a piccolo trumpet before, it isn't a short term solution. And whether you get one for Penny Lane or for any other reason, PLEASE avoid the cheap ones. I guarantee you will end up regretting it.
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    Piccolo trumpet - penny lane

    I know of one brass band arrangement, by Darrol Barry and the soprano part for the solo goes up to a high C. I seem to remember that it avoids the rapid tonguing solo from the original near the end of the piece (given an octave lower to the solo cornets, if I remember rightly). However, I...
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    40's music ideas

    How about Opus One? (Tommy Dorsey). Bill Geldard's arrangement is more faithful to the original but there is an arrangement in the Bernaerts catalogue which is 'easier on the chops'!
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    Whit Friday Potholes

    Well it's a bl**dy good thing Whit Friday isn't held on Arran. There are enough potholes here to turn the roads into one massive crazy golf course! All the same, sorry to hear about the mishaps reported.
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    If Liverpool can have a thread, so can the mighty Hammers!

    And West Ham promoted, managed by the man Blackburn Rovers got rid of for Steve Kean. And look where Blackburn are heading...
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    Bones Apart want your questions!

    With all of you no doubt juggling other musical commitments, how often do you get together to rehearse?
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    Bones Apart want your questions!

    Thelma (50/1) Trigger (1000/1) ;-)
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    Composers not yet 'lost' to brass bands.

    Nice of you to say so :-) but currently too busy teaching, conducting and trying to fit SOME practice around all that to compose something!
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    Composers not yet 'lost' to brass bands.

    Having heard the UK premiere of her Percussion Concerto yesterday in Glasgow, I'd like Sally Beamish to dip her composing toes into the brass band genre.
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    Composers 'lost' to brass bands

    Herbert Howells should be in there - Pageantry
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    Bands on Twitter

    We might be small, we might be the only Scottish island-based brass band (as far as I am aware) but we are!/arranbrassband
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    Maurice Andre is dead

    Not for nothing was Maurice Andre known as 'Le grand trompettiste de notre temps'. That phrase was coined some years ago, but still relevant today, in my view. There are a number of solo trumpeters who are his equal and perhaps more in technique but Andre's technique was phenomenal nonetheless...
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    Outside of banding.

    That should have said ....'participating in other musical activities when not taking part in banding'! Might have looked like 'Anything but banding'!...
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    Outside of banding.

    Outside banding? Trumpet playing! ;-) Also, the Sherlock Holmes stories (written and dramatised), old, cr@p horror films (ones with Lee, Cushing, Price - Vincent, not Katie - Karloff, Lugosi etc.), golf (watching rather than playing, due to me being rather bad at the latter), and generally...