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    Banders on TV!

    Hi all, Just thought I would post a quick one to say that there's a group of people from my band, Flixton, on BBC 1 at 3pm today if anyone feels like watching it to support a group of banders on a quiz show! (Feel a bit daft posting this but if 4br can make a news item about a quiz show...
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    Paddy's North-West Area - 2012

    But how does that stack up?? Fair enough you're basing your odds on form but when you consider that the band that are much longer odds have their form affected because of lower placings at contests that the other band couldn't even get to through qualification, etc... someone's getting a bargain...
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    Durham Miner's Gala 2011 ....Who's Going?

    I believe I'm playing for you in place of my li'l sis? Didn't know what it was all about myself so I wiki'd it...(also, apparently you have to say it like gay-la not ga-la...just so you know...)'_Gala
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    Whit Friday Results?

    I just noticed, for all who are interested, that the individual band results are now up on the Saddleworth website - Do they usually do a complete overall Saddleworth ranking result for each band too?
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    Whit Friday Postcode Help!!!

    I remember that there is a really tight zig-zag-type bend near Greenfield, does anyone know if you can get a coach round it?
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    Whit Friday Postcode Help!!!

    Ah thought so, just thought I'd double check though 'coz I'm sure I remember going through Uppermill the other way one year, maybe the coach went the wrong way or I'm just completely wrong (probably the latter!) - thanks for clearing that up Accidental!
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    Whit Friday Postcode Help!!!

    Dunno if anyone can help - Y'know once you've played at Uppermill? Can the coach go back the other way on the main road (ie, where you've just marched) or do you have to keep heading north out of the village?
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    Euph Player Available for Butlins

    Any lower section bands need a euph player for Butlins? I'm staying for the weekend anway and wouldn't mind playing on the Saturday if anyone needs a player? Cheers, Danny.
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    Paddy's Wychavon - 2010

    Anyone know the full results from over the weekend? Checked but they're not on 4br yet
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    St Helen's March & Hymn Contest 13th June 2009

    Valley Brass will be there after flooring it from a march job at Kirkham!!
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    Whit Friday 2009! Who's going?!

    Haha, I know what you're saying, like I said, myself, personally, I don't care, I'd play whatever the weather! My concern is that people may be put off by what has happened this year, and if a move was made to announce improvements I'm sure it would help matters, as well as actually improve the...
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    Whit Friday 2009! Who's going?!

    We were very unlucky with the weather, absolutely stunning all week then that tonight was very unfortunate! I think that the different venues need to think about some solution to this problem, we generally know early on in the day how it will turn out, like today! Surely some alternative...
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    Valley Brass (Haydock) require players

    Sorry, I thought I'd started this as a new topic, it's trombone players that we require now!
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    Valley Brass (Haydock) require players

    Valley Brass (Haydock) Band requires Trombone players! Anyone at all interested? Currently 3rd section, based in north-west.
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    Help with dissertation

    If the people who I asked give their permission then yes I will!