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    How would a Championship Band sound like good 4th Section Band

    Hold on everybody - I think you're taking this the wrong way - the question is about quality, and how in the Brass band world (as in many cultural pursuits) a set of criteria are developed to define 'good' and 'bad'. For brass bands this is volume (the more the better), speed of playing (the...
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month - December 2007

    tMP Website of the Month nomination I'd like to nominate the new website of "Seindorf Arian Aberystwyth Silver Band": Main reasons: - ease of use - clean design - wonderful use of pictures, both archive and contemporary (see pic of band standing up to...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted: Euphonium Gig Bag / Case

    Mine is falling apart - want a good gig bag or hard case as replacement which will fit a 966 sovereign. 07740256532
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    Sold/Expired Loads of Stuff For Sale...

    sovereign euph are you selling any euphs?
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    come and visit the site again and post some comments - come on 2nd baritones!!
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    hi there - please feel free to post a comment, and add it to your favourites! If you know any other 2ndbaris, tell them to come and have a look and take part!!
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    Don't despair, you're on, you're in!! please keep on posting as your OMAMs reherasals progress!!
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    PJ, don't despair, you're on, you're in!! Keep those comments about the OMAM rehearsals coming!!!
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    well please do let other 2ndbaritones know on the blog by leaving a note - tell us which section you play for, and what about writing a review of the 2nd baritone part for the regionals - which section are you in?
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    deservedly in the topten! you deserve your place! why not post a message on the site, it would be the first top-ten 2ndbaritone to do so, and would get the whole thing going nicely!
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    2nd Baritones Arise!!!

    Calling all 2nd baritones!! This one is for you!!
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    Sold/Expired euphonium wanted

    looking to buy a second hand large bore euphonium in silver plate for £1300-1500. Soevereign preferred.
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    wedding music

    I would ideally like the arrangement with Organ - does anybody know if this is published, and by whom??
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    wedding music

    I am looking for the following sheet music for full brass band for a planned wedding: Finale from Organ Concerto No.3 (with Organ part): Saint-Saens The Great Gate of Kiev: Mussorgsky arr. Howarth Overture to Henry V: R Vaughan-Williams Can anyone help?
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Baritone for Sale

    Sovereign Baritone For Sale: Fully compensating, 3 valves, 6 years old, only minor lacquer imperfections, great valves and tone. Comes with Hard Case and DW mouthpiece, £1150. Phone Dafydd on 07740256532 or email [London based].