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    The East Anglian Youth Brass Band

    Hi, I know Soham Comrades Band quite well (I played for them until about a year ago), and have had offers of help from people at Littleport especially from the point of view of managing the young people and training them up :) I am not directly in touch with Manea, but I know the lady who...
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    The East Anglian Youth Brass Band

    Hi, Thanks for the interest! We will based in Lakenheath with is technically in Suffolk but is right on the Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire boarders, hence why we have gone for a 'cover all' name with the East Anglian reference. Although I am based in Suffolk, I worked at Downham Market High...
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    The East Anglian Youth Brass Band

    Hi, I am working on a new project and really need some support. I have played in bands since childhood and most certainly now have the banding 'bug' (I am currently doing a PhD with Brass Bands being my area of interest) lots of you will have seen me over the last 12 months or so at various...
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    Does anyone remember where......

    Ok so this is really a wild stab in the dark but I am praying someone can help! Several years ago (maybe 5+) there was an article written about the state of brass banding and in particular reference to bands in Wales. There was a headline figure which I remember was quite shocking at the time...
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    Leicester Open 2010

    Hi, I would be forever grateful if anyone could tell me what time (ish) each section is planned to play at (or specifically the 1st section). I really need to organise some things and nobody from my band seems to know!! Thank you!! xx
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    Brass Bands in the classroom

    yeah i'm going to show them extracts of the band playing rather than the whole film. I dont have time for them to watch the whole film anyway but it also gets around them being underage!
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    Brass Bands in the classroom

    ^^ I like the marching singing idea (the rest of the school wont but nevermind) so long as I dont have to complete a risk assessment!
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    Brass Bands in the classroom

    Hey guys, I need some help and I thought this was the best place to ask! I am teaching 'british music' to 11, 12 and 13 year olds and we will be looking at Brassed Off and such like but I need to some fun practical MUSICAL activities with them and I dont have access to brass instruments-...
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    Regionals 2008: Championship Section Test Piece: Festival Music

    Any ideas where I can purchase this CD? maybe Im being blonde but I cant find it anywhere......... Thanks
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    Labour and Love

    Does anyone know where I can get a synopsis for 'Labour and Love' - Percy Fletcher. Many books seem to tell me what the story of it is and I have the score but there is nothing in it about the story behind the music. Thanks Heather
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    Thanks for all the suggestions I have found someone who is able to accompany me so panic over.....for now anyway. Rondo for Lifey isnt on the syllabus but I am doing it as an own choice work as I rather like it! Thanks for all your help
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    Hi, I’m really hoping that someone can help me. I am entered for my DipABRSM in Cambridge on the 16th July at 12 and my accompanist has just let me down. My programme is; Haydn Trumpet Concerto Quiet City (Copland) Rondo for Lifey (Bernstein) Unfortunately the piano parts for these...
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    How many University students are on tMP?

    Im at University of Chichester studying music. We dont have a brass band we do have a 'brass ensemble' tho which is good fun (not as good as a proper brass band- I miss my band!)
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    what make of trumpet? desperate help needed!

    I have to say I agree with Glehany- I played my cornet with my youth wind band for many years and when I started at anouther wind band they insisted on me playing trumpet- I got a Yamaha trumpet simply because thats what was expected (the whole section played Yamaha 4335's). I love my Yamaha it...
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    Depp Money!!

    Ive never been paid for depping and I certainly wouldnt expect to be.Before I was driving I would often request lifts if a band wanted me to depp as I didnt feel it was fair on my parents to make them take me everywhere- does that count?? Now as Im a student it would depend on how far the job...