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    Skirt or Trousers????!

    I'm definately in the trousers for all camp. Trouble is with skirts, styles do tend to drift into all sorts of varieties and ends up looking like a right load of tosh. :( At least you don't get loads of different lengths and stuff with trahsers. Anyway, how about summer shorts for...
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    how important are the horns compared to the cornets??????

    I had to do a bit of arranging recently, and I found the horn section very useful - they're great when accompanying a singer because they're so quiet - well apart from the 2nd horn :D :D :D The trombones are cool as well. Heck - I like them all :)
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    Bop It, Extreme 2!

    That might be true - it was 250-ish - my daughter's high score - must be something just less then - she was insufferable afterwards :( I can personally only get upto about 120 and that's after 3 cups of black coffee :D Takes ages to ramp up scores like that though - strange though - the...
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    The person before...

    ^ is DEFINATELY a girl!!!!!! :tongue:
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    The person before...

    Oooops sorry ...I was referring to DaveR - totally missed the point of the thread :(
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    The person before...

    ^ playing on his Bop-It
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    You won't like this.... but resistance is futile.

    ...and what's wrong with Trekkies anyway? I don't have many videos :oops: I don't think I fancy sharing a hot tub with a Ferengi though :( That's going a bit too far!!
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    There's no place like moan!

    ...and there instead of they're
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    Random rantage!

    Hehe .. I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon!! :D Don't be sleeping on the job though :grnsm
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    Bop It, Extreme 2!

    How are you getting on with "Beat Bop"? Does my 'ead in :D
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    Car Horns...

    We used to live in a house with a alarm that went "bing-bong" when you opened the door - it was 2 notes - tonic-fifth. I always ended up singing the them from "The Champions" from the TV: Trouble is, when you've done it a few...
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    Bop It, Extreme 2!

    Heh, it's great fun - my daughter asked for one for Xmas - top score is about 250 - took some doing though. You'd be doing really well, then one of the kids would ask you something and put you off :( The only drawback for me is that the "Twist-it" doesn't sound like Twist at all, more like...
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    Holme Valley Brass Band Contest - 21st May 2006

    My programme says we got 187 - sorry I didn't get anybody else's so I can't comment on paddo's remarks.
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    Holme Valley Brass Band Contest - 21st May 2006

    One of the discussion topics of the day (and echoed by Richard Evans in fact) was the subject of what IS and ISN'T a hymn tune. I'm sure we found favour with the adjudication in part at least because we played something from the red hymn book (and well-played I might add :D ) - we were able to...
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    Holme Valley Brass Band Contest - 21st May 2006

    Listening to Richard Evans was a giggle - what a star that guy is :D I didn't hear all of the performances of Section A - but from what I heard, nothing much got past him ;) Well I think we played much better than at Blackpool so I'm pleased about that - many many thanks to John Roberts -...