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    4BR article on recording performances at contests

    PRS are absolutely 100% right to go after 'amateur' musicians in this way. They are the devil, and should be stopped at all costs from recording performances that they themselves have probably been in. Amateur musicians have absolutely NO right whatsoever to take any form of enjoyment or pride...
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    Grimethorpe - Solo Horn

    Thanks Richard, and I am more than a little bit gutted I can't be at the Swiss Open this year, doesnt fall in the school holidays you see! Both Dyke and Grimethorpe are two bands I had always dreamed of playing for (as Im sure it is for many banders!), never in a million years did I think...
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    Grimethorpe - Solo Horn

    Evening all. Having waited for an official statement to be made by Grimethorpe for a little while now, I just thought I would take this opportunity to confirm that I and Grimethorpe have politely parted company after nearly three years. I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure, and having been at...
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    Sold/Expired Tenor Horn For Sale - Gold Besson Sovreign BE950

    Besson Sovreign Tenor Horn, laquered. Complete with Alliance brown leather gig bag costing £200 +. Has been used in one of the country's top bands for the past three years and throughout my study at RNCM. In good condition, has recently been 'serviced', slides, valves etc. and blows like a...
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    Repiano Cornet

    I always think that rep players are like tyres on cars . You only realise how important it is to have good ones when you've got really cr*p ones.
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    Alexander Technique

    A few years ago I was experiencing horrific pain in my left shoulder area after long periods of practicing and after concerts. I was told about the Alexander Technique and went for a few sessions. Although I was sceptical at first, after the 1st session I really noticed the difference, not...
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    Black Dyke Australian tour

    I think it would be rather unfair to tar us all with the same brush. As I have been unable to see the video pod casts of the Australian tour (my computer won't play them for some reason) I can't really comment on the videos directly, however, having played for both Dyke and Grimethorpe and know...
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    Which tenor Horn

    Nothing wrong with the York as such, the instrument was the band's, so when I left I couldn't take it with me. However, having said that, the York would not be an immediate choice, but this is for no other reason than personal preference. It just didnt suit me, or rather I didnt suit it. It just...
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    Which tenor Horn

    I'm currently playing on a Besson Sovreign which I bought when I was 14! As it's laquered I couldn't use it while I was at Dyke, so I was given a silver one. Then I was on a York for a while, and now I'm back on my gold sov. The instrument isn't that great, as it was made during the 'lottery...
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    Which tenor Horn

    I've recently been sent a Smith Watkins horn to try out, and I must admit this instrument is outstanding. The 5 inter-changable lead pipes however I feel give me too much choice, and I'm forever changing my mind as to which I prefer. In terms of sound, valve action and ease of blowing, this...
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    Band Hoppers

    I have only ever played in three bands. I started at the Menai Bridge Band at the age of 8, who were between the 3rd and 4th sections, and stayed with them until I reached 18 and left to study at University. I then joined the Black Dyke Band, and then to my current band. Though I felt...
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    Dobcross Silver Band - Brass on the Grass

    I am actually moving to Dobcross in the next few weeks, so I shall definately be there! Visited a few months back and loved the place, so it'll be something to look forward to! Regards,
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    New Principal Cornet at Grimethorpe

    Isn't it funny how this post isn't getting half as many views or replies as the other recent thread?!
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    New Bass Trom At Grimethorpe

    I have the great pleasure in sitting right in front of him!!!....ear defenders at the ready! :P He's done a few jobs now, excellent job, though at first I thought we'd booked a tree feller! Yet another quality signing, things are really starting to take shape.
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    New Principal Cornet at Grimethorpe

    As stated on 4bars rest, may I be the first to congratulate Rob Westacott as the new Principal Cornet of the Grimethorpe Colliery Band. The band are also extremely pleased to welcome Alan Hobbins as the new 2nd man down. This pairing is a fantastic addition to the band, and should add to a...