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    Lockdown practice

    I'm a trumpet/cornet player and have same issue, feeling very conscious of the noises made whilst practising in a flat with little more than paper thick walls. I long to get back to a band room to give it some unrestricted welly. I have been recently trying to buy a SB7x Yamaha Silent Brass...
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    Hello All, as we approach Christmas and thoughts turn to carolling to raise money for charity in front of the local supermarkets I am concerned that my own habit of not carrying cash and paying for my shopping with card is going to be the norm for many shoppers and potential donators will not be...
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    Are bagpipes musical instruments or weapons?

    If I were the enemy of the Scottish people I would be fearful on hearing the bagpipes start up before or during a battle and rightly so. Why do you think the Roman Empire decided to build Hadrians Wall? They could not defeat the Scots. It also acted as a sound baffle. The highlanders were the...