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    Trombones? Trigger or Straight? What are your views?

    Triggers are the devil's work.
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    What do the "pro's" play on?

    Just pm'd you Andy's email address.
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    What do the "pro's" play on?

    Andrew plays a pretty standard Edwards bass trombone. His only fashion accessory is a sterling silver leadpipe. It's what goes on between his hairy ears that makes him a superb musician. I've been privileged to sit in the same section as him for almost 20 years; in my experience, nobody...
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    Video from Black Dyke concert in Torronto 2000

    And a Happy New Year to you too, Ceri!!!
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    Blaenavon Contest 2010 - 20th November

    Just got back from playing solos with Blaenavon Band. It's a lovely little hall. It has a theatre acoustic, so not lively. Judge will be able to hear everything, especially overblowing! Chris.
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    Sold/Expired York Prestige Euph for sale

    Can we get back on topic, please! I have a Xeno Eminence Euphbone in Eb for sale. Or something... Chris. :pig
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    Sold/Expired York Prestige Euph for sale

    Now Anthony, keep it nice!!!
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    Sold/Expired York Prestige Euph for sale

    Don't be daft Ceri!! I'm not one of the best ever; I'm one of the more noteworthy from Pontlottyn :pig
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    Sold/Expired York Prestige Euph for sale

    Oh dear - what a spanner - of course it is! It's got valves; I don't understand :frown: Chris.
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    Sold/Expired York Prestige Euph for sale

    Hi folks!! I have a York Prestige Euphonium for sale. I bought it from Bob for Daniel, so it's been looked after very well. Looking for around £3,200 for it. Would make a lovely Halloween, Bonfire Night, or Christmas present! If interested, drop me a PM, or email
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but we all go to band after work and some of us go to work after band. There are various connotations of 'Professional'; it can describe your principal source of income, or it can describe your playing standard. Occasionally, it can apply to both. Chris Cory
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    Scaba autumn contest at Folkstone October 2009

    Great show from Guildford - really enjoyed Rich on Cornet and Ian on Trombone :clap: - We've got one Straker, we should get the other one too! Congrats to Heist on a great performance - their first in top section - brilliant bunch of people with an MD to look out for!
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    New Ensemble in Auckland, NZ

    Quality :clap:
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    Everyone should see this!

    If it could play the trombone solo in Music for Battle Creek, THAT would be impressive!! :clap: Chris.
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    BB HEIST wants to play a concert...

    Hi Bert, Congratulations on your win at Kerkrade - we really enjoyed our concert with Heist and I'm looking forward to playing with the band at Folkestone. See you in August with Bertrand! Chris.