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    Paddy's Cheltenham - 2011 (1st Section)

    Absolutely cracking band, great soloists, Peacock knows what it takes to win this contest and has a proven ability taking bands up to the next level. I sincerely hope they come second.
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    2011 Tameside Open Championships - 27th March

    I heard all 4 bands and i've played 3 of the 4 pieces (not Moon & Mexico), I had it as; 1. Ashton - (Very good performance, Clear winners for me) 2. Hammonds 3. Oldham 4. Poulton
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    I can confirm the above. It sounds like this man has had too many pints of BITTER. First of all if you have ever watched any BBC News Report, Football Focus or MOTD you will know that the BBC are the most corrupt biased set of ******** there are. Secondly the gentleman who wrote the article...
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    Liverpool Football Club

    I thought you people would be interested to read about Liverpools Reserve/Youth playing City's Youth Team at Ewen fields last night. Not a great game by any stretch. City's Youth dominated the first half hour as Alex Nimely went close twice in the opening 10 minutes. He obliterated...
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    Your Ideal Mixed Grill

    You have to have White Pudding.
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    Whit Friday Results

    Hi Mark, the Greenfield episode was the coach that I was on, I know 99% of what happened as I was there and had been directing the coach all night (we were playing with our back to the coach at the time) I think it is unfair if people speculate especially since stories being told by alleged...
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    'The Padstow Lifeboat' on Whit Friday?

    Rule 7. Thomas the Tank Engine has a DC. Rule 8. It doesnt have to be published. Playing Thomas was joked about at the time but we actually put in some damn good performances of our contest march on stage with some very impressive results. In fact looking back at the results, the reaction...
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    Hammonds Saltaire in the FT

    Its good to see them give Jamie the credit he deserves, he is a sensational player with a cornet sound to rival anyone of any age in any band and a he's a nice guy to boot... He is however a Burnley Fan, its such a terrible shame for him.
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    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

    I totally agree, but one of the adjudicators certainly got this wrong on saturday, I know because I have played on that stage in the top section enough times to know what constitutes over-blowing in that venue. I stood at the back of the stage during one performance that was severely criticised...
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    How are your team doing?

    No Mark Hughes = Happy days!! :tup :D :tup
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    Fave Premier League Team

    They are now 5 points ahead and have a 7 goal advantage.
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    Fave Premier League Team

    Chelsea are top of the league with a game in hand, that is true proof, they have acheived more in 16 games than Utd have in 17.
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    Wilkinsons Northern Open 2009

    Thank you for proving my point!! Having played Solo Horn in the top section at the last 6 areas I personally dont feel I have anything to prove in that field, I realise I am no Sheona White but I am personally satisfied with my level of playing, however if you're offering to tutor me further...
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    Wilkinsons Northern Open 2009

    I played with Hammonds yesterday, and wish to make a few comments. I dont feel right to react to the pathetic idle gossip, speculation and bitching earlier in the thread (no point in denying this, it is exactly what it is!!). I feel it is a great shame that has turned this...
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    Wilkinsons Northern Open 2009

    I dont know Hammonds reasoning but it seems sensible. It is a long time between the Open and xmas, the band cant just do nothing, they were in stroud the night before pontins, so this gives the band something to work for in the meantime. Hammonds are a great bunch of guys who just enjoy...