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    Who's already started playing Christmas?!!

    I play in the RAF Kinloss Volunteer Band and we have got our first Christmas Gig this Saturday ( Yes the 27th Nov). Playing for the turning on of Chrimbo lights!!!!!!
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    If you were organising a contest...

    Agree about open adjudication, and all results annouced, it's a pain in the but not knowing if you just missed out or were total crap!!!! :P
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    Thanx for that, it is compensating, that caused me a raised eye brow when people asked about non- compensating or compensating as well :!: I moved from cornet :shock:
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    Does playing loud wreck brass bands?

    Certainly in lower sections, you can tell that a band isn't comfortable playing above a FF, and it comes across as razzing, but then when you listen to a championship band it's a totally different sound. A rounded sound with all the players comfortable at what they are doing. Although when I...
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    As has been said previously, every one will still refer to them as "Cory". I'm sure everyone associated with them, know what the Cory brothers did for the band, and the decision will not have been taken lightly, the name may change but the players are all still the same, and I'm sure they will...
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    I need abit of help. Having not long moved over to Eb Bass, I am not sure on valves for notes below G, is there any books out there that have got a Bass fingering chart in, especially for alternates with the 4th valve, I have found a few by trail and error, and asking " what's this fingering"...
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    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    Having just been introduced to Alan Morrison, (thanx Eck), I think he must be up there, think Roger Webster is also up there. Also what about Rob Westacott at Hepworth and Nigel Guy at BTM ( have a version of Nigel playing "my Love is like a Red Red Rose" playing with Tredegar, absolutely...
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    Who is Playing

    Can anyone out there, please tell me who is the soloist on The BTM (Bedwas Trethomas & Machen) " A Fanfare of Daffodills" playing "My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose". Is it Ian Roberts or Nigel Guy. The reason I ask is the wife loves a version of Nigel's playing with Tredegar, and she doesn't...
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    Don't Know whats happening in Wales, but 4 BarsRest haven't updated there news for 5 days?!? :?:
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    Help I'm Mad

    Having not long changed instruments, wait for Cornet to BASS :!: (I might add this was just to help my previous band out), and was told it suited me better than a cornet, you'll know what I mean if you've worked out who I am, by the glues in my profile :guiness. I have enjoyed adapting to the...
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    Not enough BRASS

    Myu 14 Mth old Son will soon have a cornet in his hands, because he's worked out how to open the case :!:
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    Not enough BRASS

    Why have ALL Brass Band lovers in this small but extremely talented BRASS BAND COUNTRY, only have ONE Brass Band show to tune into, although Mr Renton does a stirling job, why is this just the only one around?? If my memory serves me correct there was a show on BBC2 in the 70's & possibly early...
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    June Caption Competition

    It said there's MAIL, where's the BLOODY POSTMAN!!!!!!
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    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    Heard it mentioned at my Band, and by a mate who was on the site when he came over to my gaff.
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    The Man in the TENT!!!!

    With all the publicity over recent years concerning match betting and bungs within professional sport, could this be happening at contests. I have been to numerous contests and after all the bands have played there is a general buzz as to who has won, from the players etc, then the results come...