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    Any suggestions for a good instrument insurance company?

    BBIS for me. We claimed on a cornet stolen from our car last year and they couldn't have been more helpful. The ladies who attend band events and work the phones are brilliant.
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    Books for the Self Taught

    I agree. This is an excellent book.
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    Tenor Horn case
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    A post about posting

    :tup That about covers it.
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    A post about posting

    You are right Mike but sometimes when I see thinly veiled insults directed at people I like and respect I find it difficult not to respond.
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    NoE Areas Moved to Durham

    It can only be better.
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    Flowers Band Radio 3 Friday 4th July 4.30pm

    He's clearly a very popular chap.
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    Flowers Band Radio 3 Friday 4th July 4.30pm

    Chris, I wouldn't dignify his latest attack on David and the band with anything other than the contempt it deserves.
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    Classical Composers to leave alone?

    I almost agree but I do think the Overture to The Magic Flute works very well. I also reckon Herr Mozart would have enjoyed it as he was, by all accounts, far from being a purist.
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    Different brands

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    Different brands

    :clap: Leadpipe has minimal effect???? Looks like Richard understands a lot more than you do.
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    Sold/Expired Wanted - BBb tuba
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    Single and Double Basses

    A double EEb is effectively that; two instruments in one with a 4th valve. The 4th valve allows the "gap" to be filled in below written F# but more importantly to give alternative fingerings for those out of tune notes such as written C#. Very few would use a single instrument now, with the...
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    Mike McLean mutes.....any reviews

    Brilliant! and very good value.