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    Sad news from tongwynlais

    'MD suffers stroke of bad fortune' 4 Bars Rest. I think the above quote is a little distasteful in the circumstances. Ok, I know its referring to the regionals being a week or so away but i still think it is an inappropriate headline. dave
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    Im probably going to Aberystwyth which i think is probably a safe place (does anyone know what the music scene is like there?). I might end up taking a flugel, cornet and a trumpet.
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    Hi, Im going to uni later in the year and i was wondering about instruments. I was thinking about buying a new instrument but im worried about the possibility that it could get nicked. Can anyone give me some advice about security stuff etc and insurance of instruments at uni. thanks dave
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    Knocking 4barsrest

    and yes everyone should have the right to their own opinion
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    thats right roger...delete my posts. Just because there are people foolish enough to pay 500 quid for a computer program, doesnt mean that we all are. Sibelius charge that price because they know people will pay it. dave
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    31st annual Ern Keller

    fitzy, dont worry i will ask him lol
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    31st annual Ern Keller

    well i havent noticed his eyes go funny or anything but rum (at 60 %!!!!!!!)...hmmm
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    31st annual Ern Keller

    ****** hell, i know alex is partial to the odd pint but i didnt think he was into that sort of thing.
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    Euphonium Tutor Books

    Listen to lots of music...british brass bands if thats the type of music you play most often. Dont limit your listening to only one genre...listen to them all and pick out things that you like that will help you to improve. Set yourself short term goals and strive to achieve them, but dont rush...
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    Sold/Expired Instruments for Sale

    What sort of price were you looking at getting for the flugel? Thanks Dave
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    Sovereign Cornet - Resistance

    well i have played the DW4 for just under a year. What is the DW5 like? I have tried the DW3 but I had trouble getting an f on the stave. dave
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    Sovereign Cornet - Resistance

    Its a large bore Dave
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    Sovereign Cornet - Resistance

    BTW I play with a DW 4
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    Sovereign Cornet - Resistance

    Hi, I play a sovereign cornet a c. late 80's model and im really finding it difficult to play because of the resistance. If i put more air through the instrument i tend to force the sound. It plays ok from a low c to middle c but ablve that i.e D's and above are really difficult to play with a...
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    Sold/Expired CD's FOR SALE

    I have the following CD's for sale, PM me if interested Around the World With the Besses (Besses 'O' 'Th' Barn) - Double CD - Good condition - 5 POUNDS Miles Davis Doo Bop - Good condition (some small surface marks and a little crumple in the booklet) - 6 POUNDS Miles Davis - Birth of...