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    Service kits

    Thank you, I will.
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    Service kits

    Yes I have but I've had mixed service from them. They don't appear to be great at returning phone calls when the (only) person that can deal with your query is busy. A cornet service kit which appeared 'out of stock' on its website seemed to be in plentiful supply when I spoke to them. More...
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    Service kits

    I am looking for recommendations for reliable suppliers of service kits for the full range of valved brass band instruments. I've recently serviced my father-in-law's Sovereign 955 baritone and my son's Sovereign 921 cornet but I'm having difficulty in obtaining service kits for a few Sovereign...
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    Two sops at contests

    Tredegar Town Band has sacrificed a 3rd Cornet for an extra Eb Bass in the recent past.
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    Sold/Expired Stomvi Titan Eb Soprano Cornet (Copper Bell) Brand new.

    While not being a soprano cornet player myself, I have heard good reports about the Stomvi Titan Soprano Cornet. I am sure that, if the sound and (especially) intonation are outstanding, then it will do really well for the company. I did hear that the British Army had acquired three for its...
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    Europeans Live stream

    This week's British Bandsman reports that the European Brass Band Championships 2015 is to be live streamed by a Dutch company.
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    Quartet Music.

    Prima Vista Musikk publishes 20 brass quartets in its Eminence Brass Quartet Series, many of which have been recorded by the stellar quartet, Eminence Brass.
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    Sold/Expired Wanted: Cc tuba

    There was this one but sadly the auction ended 3 days ago; Mark Carter (a.k.a. Mr Tuba) certainly would know about chopping a Bb to make a C but has probably got a selection of C tubas in stock in...
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    Tuba Overhaul and relacquer

    I haven't used him for overhaul and re-lacquer but I would like to suggest that you try Mark Carter, a.k.a. Mr Tuba; I have seen examples of his work, in real life and displayed on Facebook, and also played some of the instruments he has worked on. In my opinion, what he...
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    Luis Suarez Charity Concert

    Guest cornet soloist and conductor; Phil McCavity. Concert venue; The Drill Hall.
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    Sold/Expired Euphonium sought

    Try Mark Carter (a ka Mr Tuba) on 01633 871506.
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    Eb Bass Advice

    The Fletcher or Parker cut, plus a change of leadpipe, generally rectifies these intonation issues. Mark Carter (Mr Tuba) can work wonders with B&H Imperial / Besson New Standard Ebs.
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    sop seat at Dyke....

    Maybe the other direction, i.e. Matt Wade, but that was months ago!
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    BBC Radio 3's Musical Map of Britain

    I was grateful for the opportunity to introduce the fourth movement of Karl Jenkins' Euphonium Concerto live on BBC Radio 3 Breakfast this morning, even though the presenter got my surname wrong initially. Thankfully he got it right in his two subsequent attempts!