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    Is it to early.................?

    to speculate what will be the area " minefield's " next, someone must be prepared to hazard a guess a couple of weeks before they are given out.
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    OK first......

    Has anyone any idea of which pieces are being " chosen" for this years National Finals please. (2018.).
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE. Besson Prestige BE2052 Euphonium in Silverplate.

    I am selling my Prestige Euphonium , I have owned it from new, about 6 1/2 years, it has just had a full professional service , deep clean and polish. Comes with Hard case and J P Gig-Bag. Selling price is £3995. + postage.
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Just a theory about the 4th section rubbish..........perhaps it's just to get as many bands as possible to enter therefore more money to the organisers............or am I just being cynical. !! Whatever the thought behind it , we now face a 240 mile round trip to play for under 8 minutes.
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Didn't really want to go next year and St. Andrews Variations for the 4th section has made my choice easy, what a truly awful slap in the face for that section.
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    Plastic Tuba's

    Hi everyone, can anyone please tell me if they have tried/played a plastic BBb , as I am thinking of trying one instead of the usual tuba as a disability makes carrying and lifting a brass one too much. Also, if I was to buy one , would it be permissible to use it in contest's...........I would...
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    Musical Director Vacancy.....

    Snowdown Colliery Band, situated between Canterbury and Dover , in the village of Aylesham, Kent, are looking for a Musical Director to start after S.C.A.B.A. contest on 13th September 2015. The band rehearses on a Wednesday evening 19.30 - 21.30. Anyone interested is asked to contact the band...
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    Trombone Hand Support.

    look up ergobone.............
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    Euphonium bore and bell sizes

    Try using an Ergo-bone system......a stainless steel plate is attached to the main tubing by the 4th valve and a rod system then takes all the weight of the Instrument................just google ergo-bone. must be worth a look, I have used one for years. Good luck.
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    Quartet Music.

    Many thanks for your replies..............
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    Quartet Music.

    Would really like some information please on where we can obtain some music for 2 cornets, 1 Eb horn and Euphonium that the 4 of us can practice before we have band rehearsal. We are all capable players and keen to play something we all enjoy but at the moment we only have 1 quartet and its...
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    Brass band scores query

    The reason for the Euph parts like that is that as the Euphonium is such a quiet , timid instrument you need 2 players to make it heard , but baritones are so noisy you only need 1 player on each part. :clap::D
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    Rit vs Rit - English Pastorale

    Rest assured , if your band is in the 4 or 5 report sheets that stay on the table and not one of those on the floor you will have " picked " the correct " rit ". :clap:
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    Kapitol Rules

    Does it make any difference if a player registers say, for a band in England, can he then play for a band in either Wales or Scotland ? or does the rule cover the whole U.K.? Something I've often thought of.............