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    Brisbane XLCR tour website

    A tour website has been set up for the Brisbane Excelsior band's imminent tour of the UK. It covers details of performances, performers and also a regularly updated 'blog/tour diary' as the trip progresses (23rd May-4thJune) The address of the website is: So if you want...
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : September 2005 Hi I would like to nominate (the website of the Brisbane XLCR Brass Band) Amanda, the web master workes so hard on it and its updated all the time. Any body fancy seconding it?:clap::clap: bg
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : August 2005

    Your too kind you green faced big nosed thing. Whats happening in August?:biggrin:
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : August 2005

    ...would there be any kind soles who will second it?
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : August 2005

    I would like to nominate my site ? I have recently relaunched it and it took me flippin hours to redesign. Im also updating more regularly and have lots of articles and profiles just in the pipe line at the mo.:clap::clap::clap: ta BG
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    Antipodean 4BR

    You will be saying soon that there should only be stories on people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Dont like it=Dont read it Better still...set up your own site that bans all ip's located anywhere but the UK.
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    Help! The attack of the practise mute!

    I would go for a bremner schhhhhhmute (i think a horn one has just been released. I have a denis wick, wallace collection and a schhhhmute. The last definatly giving the least resistance which is where your problems will be stemming from (the changes in resistance affecting pitch and production...
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    Winds Of Change

    What a piece to perform I played the premier of Winds of Change and have to agree with a previous comment that it was pretty bad to rehearse but it was an awsome experience to perform on stage. Also, I really loved recording some of Brentons works on Essays 3-, in particular Rhapsody (St...