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    What’s happening?

    I have to say, I used to be on here all the time when I was a security guard, got me through many a boring night shift!
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    Seeking extinct brass band LPs and 78s: the less well known the better

    Just has a look at my LPs, which haven't been played for years as I don't have a record player! Only extinct band one I have is Harry Mortimer's all star brass (B.M.C, Fairey & Foden's) album 'Brass on the March' (1966). Only other one I have is a Wingates Temperance band recording, also 1966...
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    Butlins 2018

    I can wholeheartedly confirm that I have never searched for that, ever on google! Haha
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    Butlins 2018

    Is it right that I'm getting ads on tMP for hot Latin beauties?!
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    Butlins 2018

    I'll be there for the first time in a while with Sandhurst.
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    Instrument microphone for cornet

    I spent £300 on a wireless AKG. A lot of money but it was my job, so worth it. I was doing a lot of function band stuff and the wires kept getting in the way so I splashed out. collecting dust at the moment unfortunately.
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    have you ever...

    Yes, 2 years in a row, last year's is still in the airing cupboard! Have you ever woken up thinking it's the weekend then realised you should be getting ready for work?
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    Year of the Dragon
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    Brass & Bagpipes

    Having played in a concert with Ian and 2 agony bags on Friday and, being someone that particularly dislikes them, I have to say I (and more importantly, the audience) actually really enjoyed it. Decent pipers and great arrangements helped the cause immensely of course.
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    Which phone?

    Don't get a phone that's delivered by yodel. They give you a 14 hour delivery window then say it's been delivered 12 hours before it's updated on their tracking system when they haven't even delivered it!
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    Online Lessons: opinions

    When I was away cruising, I tried my best to continue with some of my students online. I didn't like it. Sometimes you get time delays and you can't always actually see what they're doing with embouchure, posture etc. Sound quality over the net is so variable too. Your student could have awful...
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    Hey ! tmp is interesting again.

    I have to say that since I stopped having a job that involved spending all day trying to find something to do on the net that wasn't barred, tMP got boring on a few visits. Not as much on here as there was a few years back. I've made quite a few new friends on here but don't see much going on to...
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    How to rehearse a test piece

    Have a look at it 2 weeks before, find the bits you can't play, practice til you can, do the job! Easy!
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    Why are so many bands going to the wall

    Why are bands going to the wall? Because they are so stuck in the 19th century! Toy soldier costumes and **** music.....there's the answer. I'm fortunate enough to be in a band that doesn't bring out Floral Dance. My band has imagination, originality. As a brass bander, I wouldn't stand and...