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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2013

    Ooh! 18/1 for the new kids on the block. Gotta be worth a wee each way bet :D
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    The one vowel thread!

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    have you ever...

    Yes (curly perm - we posted simultaneously) No (younger) Have you ever been waxed for charity?
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    word association

    passengers (thank you :D)
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    word association

    boats (It's been a while since I posted here - hope it doesn't turn into an obsession... again :) )
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    tMP - Whit Friday - Questions & Discussion

    Looks like I'm a bit late arriving in this thread but just wanted to say that the Whits this year were great fun. I played with Tartan Brass (organised by Willie and Kat from Campbeltown Brass) and we all had a great time. I even bumped into Roger and Miss Twigge in Uppermill - good to see...
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    Could you stay with your band without contests?

    I reckon I'd have to go looking for another band if we were to stop contesting. It's too much fun to give it up.
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    Highland Cathedral - bagpipes & brass band

    Dispensing with the piece is probably your best plan. Followed by gathering up every copy in existence and burning then in one massive bonfire. Highland Cathedral must surely be the worst piece of music ever written, especially when you have either a piper accompanying a brass band or two pipers...
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    Interview with Alan Fernie, composer of the 2006 Regional 4th Section test Piece

    Nice to see you deciding to have a wee outing in the 1st section this year. The whole band seemed to enjoy your rehearsals (lots of inspirational comments along with your insights into the banding movement :) ). Not our best performance on the day but a good safe placing for which you can take...
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    Instrument Rules

    One of my favourites is from this site: Actor Norman Shelley's ridiculous notion that he delivered Churchill's war speeches over the BBC has been laid to rest by eyewitness testimony for years. What Shelley recorded, apparently in 1943, was an obscure, unpublished Churchill speech, the origin...
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    MP's vote Total Smoking Ban

    Oh for goodness sake! Have you people no sense of humour? Did you completely fail to notice the ;) at the end of the post? Every time there is a thread on tMP regarding some aspect of smoking it turns out exactly the same way. I had to do a double take to make sure that John hadn't...
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    MP's vote Total Smoking Ban

    Alcohol related violence can be extremely fatal and since a few out of the millions of drinkers in this country may become out of control after drinking I think it's time to safeguard the whole nation by banning all alcohol, everywhere. Or maybe we should just educate people and take measures...
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    MP's vote Total Smoking Ban

    A lot less than the number that get shot...
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    New pub opening times.

    The pubs up this way already have some fairly crazy opening times - woo hoo!!! :D
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    Euph & Eb Bass Compensating - why?

    I completely agree Robert. The orchestral boys do tend to own and play a huge variety of different instruments depending on the individual piece of music. And I've seen many of them use two or three different instruments during a single performance. However, the original post was calling into...