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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    The fourth section.....World Tour...yet another, this one...Phineas Fogg tour, Devon fantasy tour....pffft.. for me the last really good piece was Saint Saens sorted the Bands out, which is what the regional test piece should do...still next year maybe a trip round China
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    Areas 2017 Happy with the results?

    Certainly there seems to be a problem with some ex military band conductors who now adjudicate in the Brass Band movement; they seem to find Bands toooooo loud, maybe they are used to brass players having to player softer so the woodwind instruments can be heard.
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    Midlands 2nd Section 13th Band

    Thats because it is not needed to be looked at by the Regional committee; they work out the league table after the contest and publish that along with promotions and relegations to all competing bands. Task completed till after the next Regional contest.
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    Midlands 2nd Section 13th Band

    I'm pretty sure the Midland region do not publish a pre contest table
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    Three Saints - Errata

    Three Saints errata You could always try the Secretary for the Butlins Contest, or even the Publishers Obrasso
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    What is this instrument called

    Hi Richard, its a siren or as some call it an orchestral siren Brian P.S. You have one at Bestwood
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2013

    Paddy's Midland area-2013 Don't forget, that it is likely 4 are being relegated....unofficially ofc so 4 could be going up, maybe, possibly, could be
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    If the Music panel keep picking pieces like this that hold none or very little interest to not only the younger members of Bands, but the older ones too, then the Area in the Midlands could become as small as the NE. They should try having the problem of trying to motivate a 4th section band on...
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    The Midlands promoted 4bands from 4th to 3rd section, and relegated 2 bands from 3rd to 4th section; also the 19 bands include 2 new bands this year
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    NEMBBA - Contest Feedback

    Hi Nick; give me a call and I'll explain things for you
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    NEMBBA - Contest Feedback

    There is a meeting this coming Sunday Jan 27th) to sort out times, entries etc, so I would assume that this will be notified to bands shortly after that
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    Ad Undas - to the waves!

    Oh my goodness; You don't like the music of Richard Strauss? Dear Oh dear, oh dear :)
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    Bolsover 2012

    Results so far 4th section 1st: Market Rasen (Resdev) 93.5pts 2nd: Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band 92pts 3rd Deep Car Brass 90pts Highest ex mining band Ireland Best Soloist: Euphonium; Melton Band 3rd Section 1st: Hucknall and LinbyC Band 88pts 2nd...