Brian Kelly

Oct 25, 1962 (Age: 58)
Bolton, Lancs, England
Band / Organisation
Flixton Band
Regional Area
North West
Bass Trombone
Previous Playing Experience
1971-1980: Bolton Daubhill SA Band <br>
1974-1981: Deane Schools Band<br>
1975-1979: Bolton Youth Brass Band<br>
1977-1981: Bolton Youth Orchestra<br>
1980-1981: Farnworth Old Band<br>
1981-1983: Manchester University Brass Ensemble<br>
1982-1992: Bolton Citadel SA Band<br>
1986-1987: Cambridge Citadel SA Band<br>
1992-2003: Blackburn Citadel SA Band<br>
2003-present: Flixton Band<br>
2004-present: Clifton Trombone Choir<br>
I think that I have got most of the dates right!<br>


Brian Kelly
Bass Trombone
Flixton Band
Member of the Clifton Trombone Choir
Joint Bass Trombone
TMP Whit Friday Band 2004
TMP Band Hadleigh 2005

An analog person in a digital age


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