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    John Winterflood resigns from Swindon Pegasus

    Hi John, How are you? I'm still blowing. Enjoyed your cpmpany at KH 1974. Playing with Ipswich and norwich coop band now. Best wishes in all you do. my email address is good luck. Your mate Dave Mildren
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    Which Baritone has the Largest Bore

    I have recently moved from Euphonium to Baritone after 49 years. Anyone got sound advice as to which one I should buy please. Tried a medium bore but no good. I need the Largest available. Cheers all
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    Upsetting Players by Moving them Down

    Vacancy We would all give our right arm for a "2nd BBb Bass player" we only have ONE. ANY APPLICANTS? Dave Mildren Solo Euphonium Ipswich and Norwich Co-op Band Campionship Section
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    What is best way 2 get ur lip back in?

    lip back in Hi I didn't play for 6 years and got back into it by playing long notes and hymn tunes. No pain no gain I'm afraid. Dave Solo Euph. Iswich & Norwich Co-op Band
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    euph mouthpeices

    Euph Mouthpieces Hi Most top Euph players I know use the Denis Wick 4AL as I have done for the past 45 years and am still playing with a Championship Band on Solo Euph. using an Antoine Cortois 167IIR Euph.( If it's good enough for Glyn Williams it's good enough for me) but, in all honesty it...
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    National Finals - Is it time for a change ?

    National at Birmingham Jim There is no north-south divide, the case is that Birmingham is in the midlands which is central for all bands and easily accessible. Naming areas makes no difference either, Ipswich, Bury st Edmunds and Hadliegh are closer to the RAH. Some people don't like...
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    National Finals - Is it time for a change ?

    RAH or Birminham? Hello All I must agree with Robin. Having been to many finals at RAH I feel a change is needed for the 21st Century. Bands,Instruments,Compositions are moving forward with modern technology so, why not the Brass Band Movement. Belle Vue has gone because of accoustics...
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    Ronnie Barker

    Magnificent A very talented man and will be missed by millions. Dave
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    Ipswich band Yes mr B I love it, the music,the people, and the friendlyness too.:tup :D May it last forever.
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    Hi All I'm new in here and here's a bit about me. Been playing Euph. for 49 years (old codger) I livei n Ipswich and have just joined Ipswich & Norwich Co-op Band(Championship Section) on Principal Euph. My son Jason is Principal Percussionist with Jersey Premier Brass, newly crowned National...