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    Derek B Scott

    Derek is a composer and academic researcher. His music can be sampled at Derek B. Scott, and his academic work at
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    History of Brass Bands

    I have just discovered that the earliest known sound recording is actually a phonautogram of an unknown cornetist playing a scale in 1857 - 20 years before Edison and his phonograph. The earliest known recording of a human voice appeared later, in 1860. This was uncovered following research in...
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    Female brass band composers and arrangers

    We are trying to help raise awareness of the music of women. There are no doubt many reasons why women are poorly represented as creators of music, but if we can highlight those that have succeeded, help to promote their music and, hopefully, encourage the next generation, it will be a...
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    Female brass band composers and arrangers

    Few women feature as composers of music for brass bands, It is a sad reflection of the male dominated band world that the relatively few works that do exist rarely seem to get performed in concerts. The contribution of women to the brass band movement cannot be understated, in the early days...
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    What is the IBEW? Why have a forum for it?

    Yes - some problems at the hosting site - hope to be up again this evening. Gavin
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    Brass quintet or quartet wanted urgently

    Can anyone help Paul? (see below) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Your Name: Paul Robertson Your Email Address: Your location: Colchester Essex UK Message: Sir, I am wishing to book either a brass quintet or quartet for the evening of 1 Apr 09. I know it is...
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    The G Bass Trombone

    Gavin Dixon is curator of musical instruments at the Horniman Museum in South London. He is researching the G bass trombone and the story of its demise. He is keen to find out how long this took, if G players switched to Bb or were replaced by Bb players, and whether any company apart from...
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    What's New in the IBEW - September 2008

    What's New to the IBEW - entries for September 2008 * - Websites which have changed address Brass Bands Belle Vue Brass Band Darwen Brass* Immortal Brass Eternally Kempsey District Silver Band Markham & District Band Shaftesbury Town Silver Band Smyrna Brass* Surfers Paradise...
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    You can perform with Desford Colliery Band

    Desford have offered their services to support a charity auction, where one of the lots is the opportunity to perform with the band at one of their Christmas concerts. The online auction closes on 27th July 2008. For details see
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    Ardington & Lockinge band / Wantage band

    Good news - another small snippet of detail to add. And some errors to correct! Thanks for the information. Do let me know if you find the school project - it probably should be "published" and added to the canon of histories of brass bands. I'm sure there must have been many such documents...
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    Award #20 - tMP Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Brass Band Movement

    Thank you! Many thanks to all at TMP for this award - "dead chuffed" would sum up my feelings! In true Oscars style (do you remember the short-lived Brass Oscars of the late 1990s?) I must acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the IBEW by submitting details, correcting errors, suggesting...
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    Bands of Greater Manchester

    Matthew Walker is currently researching the brass bands of Greater Manchester, collating a brief history and major achievements of every past and present band and a photograph where available. Currently he has completed the Bolton area, and published the book - The History of Farnworth and...
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    Earby Brass Band

    Great piece of historical information - thanks for discovering and sharing it!
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    What's New in the IBEW - August 2007

    What's New to the IBEW - entries for August 2007 * - Websites which have changed address Brass Bands Backworth Colliery Band Brassaventure Corus Concert Band Dungarvan Brass Band* Elland Silver Band* Farnworth & Walkden Band Fellowship Brass Frickley & South Elmsall Brass Band*...
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    What's New in the IBEW - July 2007

    What's New to the IBEW - entries for July 2007 * - Websites which have changed address Brass Bands Armagh Old Boys Silver Band* Barrow Concert Band Bedford Congress Hall Band* BTM Band* Ebbw Vale Town Band Felling Band* Hawk Green Marple Silver Band* Kirkby Colliery Welfare...