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    Cornet Solo - Not Forgotten and Bandsman S.H. Barker

    Looking for some help regarding a lost cornet solo "Not Forgotten" and any details on Bandsman S.H. Barker. This is a plea for help since a hint popped up on my The cornet solo was supposedly written by my great grandfather S.H. Barker and written circa 1905. I know he conducted a...
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    Wychavon Festival of Brass

    After the disappointment of a poor result in the 4th Section Wem Jubilee were delighted with a 3rd place in the 3rd. I find the organisers and organisation of the Wychavon Festival first class and they deal with fast balls effectively (eg late change of venue for the 3rd Section). Mistakes do...
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    Wychavon Festival of Brass 2013

    Wem Jubilee Band are extremely pleased with 2nd place in the 3rd Section. Congratulations to all winning bands and thank very much you to the organisers and officials for running another great contest.
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    Wem Jubilee Band

    WJB are looking for a front row cornet to join us for the 3rd Section Midland Area Championship and beyond. Time is tight for registration, so if you are interested do not waste any time getting in touch.
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    Band website reviews

    Thanks for taking a look at the WJB website and offering some good advice. I will try and sort the fonts, but when you cut and paste any passages of text the programme seems to have a mind of its own (its ok if you start a page from scratch). We already have links to facebook and Twitter, but I...
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    Band website reviews

    I run Wem Jubilee Bands website and thought I would post for 2 reasons. Firstly to get some feedback so we can improve if necessary, and secondly to recommend our provider (details on bottom of each page). The page is pretty basic, but it does what it says on the tin, it's easy to update and its...
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    Wem Jubilee Band

    WJB are pleased to announce that the horn position has been filled, but the Band continues to search for experienced trombone and cornet. Wem Jubilee Band wishes all tMP readers and other bands people out there a happy and successful 2013
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    National Brass Band Championships of England

    I play with a 3rd Section Band and I guess only about 5 or 6 of us players actually enjoy contesting, however about half the band think contesting is a necessary evil for all the usual reasons. So we do what most bands must do and split our commitments, 2 or 3 contests a year and the rest...
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    Wem Jubilee Band

    Wem Jubilee Band is a third section band based in North Shropshire and is currectly looking for new members to strengthen its numbers into 2013. The Band undertakes a wide variety of engagements throughout the year. It normally performs three well attended home concerts (usually attracting an...
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    Bands on Twitter

    Wem Jubilee Band is @WemBand
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    Too many bands, not enough players

    Andre Rieu seems to have found a popular following with his orchestra. Interesting that he has used a young trumpeter playing a popular brass band piece "buglers holiday" and 400 brass players from Limburger to diversify his concerts. Mind you his musicians are brilliant.
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    Too many bands, not enough players

    The players who might take advantage of this would be "real" members of each band because without financial incentive they would commit (rehearse and perform with) to each band as best they could. Remember, I am referring to dedicated players who want more brass banding than others. It seems...
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    Too many bands, not enough players

    I think we under estimate the important role our brass bands plays in society. Our audience is much wider than one would think, and it is certainly not restricted to concerts. Whether the band leads the carnival procession, sits on a bandstand on a wet Sunday afternoon, marches on Armistise...
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

    I think the test piece, Olympus, lent itself to a great deal of interpretation, especially in tempo and dynamic. I felt my band played well, but finished well down the order. I heard 2 of the bands in the top 4 and the second placed band played the piece quite differently from my own. It...
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    Paddy's Welsh Area - 2011

    The Appeal was convened by Kapitol Promotions National Co-ordinator and I sent an email to him on 30 December requesting information on the promised letter. He replied very promptly and stated "I cannot say whether or not a letter was sent to you or the band. I will however forward this letter...