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    Brass at the Guild

    Several posts deleted because of someone announcing which pieces bands are playing for a closed adjudication contest . . . thanks to the user who self-reported this so that it could be taken care of quickly. Caution advised in the future!
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    Bandmaster James B. Anderson

    After more than two years of fighting cancer, Bandmaster James B. Anderson passed away this afternoon in Dallas, Texas. A long-time Salvationist conductor and composer, Jim retired last May after six years as the Divisional Music Director for the National Capital and Virginia Division and...
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    National Capital Band Personnel News - 2010/09

    The National Capital Band of the Salvation Army (Washington, DC) begins the 2010-2011 season with several personnel changes and additions, including a new bandmaster and seven new players. The most significant change is in the leadership of the band, because of the retirement of Bandmaster...
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    Bandmaster Appointed in DC

    Steve's father is Commissioner Paul Kellner, who wrote the setting "All for Thee". I don't know of any published works that Steve has composed, although we have used some of his arrangements in concert over the last couple of seasons.
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    Bandmaster Appointed in DC

    Major James Allison, Executive Officer, has announced that Dr. Steve Kellner has been appointed as Bandmaster (Musical Director) of the National Capital Band of the Salvation Army, based in Washington, D.C. Kellner’s assumption of the baton, following Bandmaster James Anderson, who announced...
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    Historic Hymnals

    For many years, my father has collected old hymnals and song books, mostly dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since his retirement, he's begun giving them to me. I decided that the best way to "display" them would be to scan them and post them on the Web. For anyone who is...
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    Amsterdam Staff Band with Brassband Rijnmond

    AMSTERDAM STAFF BAND with special guest BRASSBAND RIJNMOND “PREMIER BRASS” “Reunion!” Saturday · 6 March 2010 Salvation Army Hall Waterway Central The Netherlands The Amsterdam Staff Band (Bandmaster Olaf Ritman) presents its annual “Premier Brass” concert. This type of concert...
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    Bands on Twitter

    National Capital Band of the Salvation Army (USA) (natcapband) The Brass Crest (brasscrest) Mod Note: I've moved this thread into Computer Corner. I like the idea of having a single thread for this - I will query the other mods to see if we should make this a "sticky" thread.
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    Errata Project Launched

    The Errata Project has been re-launched with a new, easier-to-navigate design. If you've found any errors in SA-published band music, please send them in for inclusion in our database.
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    Which Brass Magazine ?

    But not a lot of "meat" on most of the articles. It's a great way to keep up with bandroom news, personnel changes, short announcements, etc., but there is not much in the way of in-depth reporting most of the time. I follow the 4br Twitter feed, and many times I get just as much information in...
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    Contest Secretary Message Thread

    Agreed. A public forum is not appropriate for this type of communication, particularly one where any member can post. Thread closed.
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    Player Vacancies - Parc and Dare Band

    Threads Merged Threads merged per tMP guidelines for recruitment threads.
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    How's it going?

    :hi to tMP.
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    Treating myself at Christmas: help please!

    As Donna pointed out above, dangerously close to a rules violation. Also, what's wrong with suggesting an Arban? Why did you take this as some sort of insult? My father was a professional euphonium player, and never stopped using the Arban as a part of his routine until he stopped playing...
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    No awards this year?

    Jan and I are the only two mods on at the moment, and we agree that there is no reason to stop someone from setting up their own award threads (Jan has even offered to help with the polls in his post above in this thread). I have a few caveats and suggestions: They won't be the "official tMP...