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    Any ideas for pieces to play with a male voice choir?

    Handel's Zadok The Priest? Simon Kerwin has done an arrangement of it and it's true to the original...
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    Langley Band (1st Section Midlands Area Champions) require a Bb Bass Player

    Langley Band (1st Section Midlands Area Champions) require a (decent) Bb Bass Player to join our ranks. We rehearse on Monday & Wednesday evenings (8 - 10pm) in our own bandroom, which is 2 minutes drive from Junction 2 M5 - and 1 minute drive from the local pub :biggrin: Please contact me for...
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    "Deps" - and payment?

    Why? I don't care if the bloke sat next to me is picking up a dep fee - it doesn't influence whether I have any or not. I truthfully cannot remember the last time I accepted a dep fee...
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    Langley Band - Bb Bass Player

    The popular Langley band are now looking for a permanent (decent) Bb Bass player. That's decent as in standard, not morally... We are the Midlands Area 1st Section Champions and thus will be taking part in the National Finals later in the year. :D We have a good concert schedule and we are a...
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    Regionals 2010 : First Section Test Piece - Moorside Suite

    Pure delight to rehearse... ;) (and win with) :biggrin:
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2010

    Hi All Can I just take this opportunity to say thank you to you all, for your kind messages and emails over the last couple of days. Regards
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    2009 British Open

    IMHO, I believe most normal banders, if not all, acknowledge that there is a problem with the current system. In contests where relegation is the outcome, I think it is even more imperative that the adjudicators get the bottom few bands placed accurately as well as the top placed bands. And...
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    2009 British Open

    I know I haven't been around for a while, but are ad hominem attacks now allowed here?
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    2009 British Open

    Some possible reasons: Stupidity Ignorance Arrogance Inability to see the bigger picture Are happy with the status quo IMHO
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    2009 British Open

    But it would appear that if you disagree with a result, it's 'sour grapes', or if you agree with SM, then you're a 'sycophant'... Fact is, he's raised his head above the parapet and those of us who want change (for the better) should support him, IMHO.
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    2009 British Open

    Isn't that a different issue? One of trust? Personally, I have absolutely no reason to distrust adjudicators - I do, however, distrust (some of) their abilities.
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    2009 British Open

    And, indeed, he may not do any worse? Be a nice change to have some fresh blood...
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    2009 British Open

    I heard most of the performances on Saturday, including Whitburn's, and I too was rather surprised at their lowly placing. Personally, I applaud SM for raising his neck on this subject. If contest results like this happened rarely, then I'd take the attitude, "oh well, tough" etc., but these...
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    Best vs Worst Conducting

    I love the 'tantrum' conductors :D Stamping their feet on contest stages and shouting at the players (audibly to the audience)...
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    Best vs Worst Conducting

    Personally, I find it a sign of disrespect, both to me and to the other players in my band, when someone refuses to do their own note-bashing at home. They are wasting my time and other players time. I'm quite happy to pick on individuals and get them to (try) and play a passage several times to...