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    Sold/Expired Trombone for Sale

    Hiya, Thinning out the herd a little... Conn 8HT, 0.547 bore as new, this one was bought on a whim and used approx. 6 times. Comes in the Conn hard Case. Brand new condition and would RRP at £1900 approx. I am looking for £1300 Conn 8H Elkhart era. 0.547 bore looks like one, [plays...
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    depped for the 100 top ranked bands on 4barsrest.

    not quite 100, but 22.....
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    Sold/Expired Conn 8HT Trombone fore Sale as new condition

    Hi, I'm selling my Conn 8HT thinwall bell model. I bought this in July of last yr and it is in absolutely top notch as new condition. It was only used a handful of times before I had to have a temporary break from playing due to illness. My only reason for selling, is that I treated myself...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Rath Hard Case suitable for R1/small bore.

    Yep, not got my bottom in gear to sell yet.
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Rath Hard Case suitable for R1/small bore.

    Matt, Got yourself an R1 I see lol. A ProTec Compact Case will fit. I keep my R1 in that. You can get them for approx £120 any retailer. Hope you are well.
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    Sold/Expired For Sale - Elkhart era 8H

    Hi This nstrument is still for sale. as well as a Schmelzer model 2. Any offers Cheers RIch
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    Sold/Expired Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model LT42G – Large Bore Bb/F Symphony Trombone

    As a notorious Conn freak... I;ve played on this bugle and can confirm it is indeed a good one. Nice square sound and in nice condition.
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    Euph player wanted for The Planets (Huddersfield, 26.4.14)

    Worth pointing out, it would have to be a Euph player who can read bass clef also.... :-)
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    Sold/Expired Looking for a 2nd hand small bore trombone

    Hello Daniel, I have a Schmelzer model 2 for sale. Approx 0.508 bore, like a 3b or Bach 16 Its a lightweight one. I bought it from Sharon McCallum. It will come in a hard case. I have no need for it anymore, as I dont do any big band playing so would rather it go to a good home and...
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    Trombones? Trigger or Straight? What are your views?

    Hi, I have a 89h with interchangeable leadpipes and a removable closed wrap Hagmann F section which I am looking to sell. No reason other than I dont use the trombone at all these days, and and it is a shame to see this trom lying around. PM if you are interested. Rich
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    Trombones? Trigger or Straight? What are your views?

    How about an interchangeable Conn 88H with a Hagmann
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    Misplaced "joke"...

    I've read through the comments with interest I belive if we were to separate the emotion from the facts we'd prob end end up with the following summary. 1. Are the main parties racist, absolutely not is my view. And as DannyCollin points out, due to Stan's complexion he has historically...
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    Misplaced "joke"...

    I do agree, it seems a poor momentary error of judgement, like the contest, it would a shame if the only thing that was remebered was this incident.
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    Misplaced "joke"...

    At the end of the day it was a poor error of judgement. Yes, the apologies have come quickly and sincerely and one would argue that should be the end of it. But to contenance some of the comments made. 1. The PC brigade, and Black and White Minstrels. That was 30 yrs ago, sadly we are...