Born in Belgium, Rich established himself as one of the lead ScroteHorn players in the Middle Europe Hinterland. On taking up the trombone, he embarked on on a tour of the USA (Upton, South Elmsall and Askern) and gained an enviable reputation, what for he doesnt know. Having retired from battle he now pleasures himself..............I mean he now pleasures himself with reading, cooking etc...

Reading, good music, cooking.
Dec 16, 1971 (Age: 50)
Band / Organisation
Previous Playing Experience
2012-current Thoresby<br>
2011-12 Blidworth<br>
2008-2011 Thoresby<br>
2008-2008 YBS<br>
2007-2008 Thoresby<br>
2007-2007 Brighouse and Rastrick (Nationals)<br>
2006-2007 Leyland<br>
2006-2006 Desford<br>
2006-2006 Thoresby Colliery Band<br>
2005-2006 Fairey Band<br>
2005-2005 Stocksbridge<br>
2004-2005 Staffordshire Band<br>
2002-2004 Carlton Main Frickley Colliery<br>
2001-2002 Travelsphere Holidays Band<br>
2001-2001 Long Eaton Silver Prize (had to help out Shaz)<br>
2000-2000 Wooley Pritchard Sovereign<br>
1997-2000 Nottingham City Transport<br>
1997-1997 Kirkby Colliery Welfare<br>
1996-1997 Carlton Main Frickley Collliery Band<br>
1996-1996 NSK RHP Ransome<br>
1995-1996 Blidworth Colliery Band<br>
1994-1995 Riddings<br>
1993-1993 Ilkeston<br>
1992-1995 Had a break from playing<br>
1988-1992 Britannia Airways Band<br>
1985-1988 Orion Airways Band<br>
1984-1985 South East Derbyshire Youth Band<br>


Richard Walker
Lead Alto - Bone On Trombone Choir

"Once during Prohibition I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water." --W. C. Fields


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