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    Paddy's North of England Area - 2012

    Cracking Odds, what do I get for a combination tricast ??? or is that toooo hard to work out, failing that my tricast is Catterick Brass Harrogate Westoe in that order,
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    Contact Information for Frank Renton

    Hi, I'm just wondering if any TMP Members could assist me in having contact information for Frank Renton. If anyone has any information please could you PM me please. Thank you. Gav Vardy Bass Trombone
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    Paddy’s Fantasy Formula 1 World Championship…

    Drivers would have to be Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso Team Mercedes McLaren
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    E-mail Address for Phil Harper

    Hi, I'm looking for an e-mail address for Phil Harper? I know he has a website but due to been totally Laptop thick. I do not have Microsoft for the Laptop to obtain his addy. Would apprecaite any help on the matter, please PM me with his addy Cheers Gav
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    Which bass trombone mouthpiece do you use?

    I use a JK P02 BK...cracking gob iron!!
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    North of England Regional Championships - 2009

    Lucian, thank you for your kind words, the band did work hard on this one, and its a true testament to our conductor Steve Malcom also Thanks again
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    Paddle for Vincent Bach Bass Tromebone 50B3LO

    Thanks alot mate Much appreciate it!!
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    Paddle for Vincent Bach Bass Tromebone 50B3LO

    Hi After the rigours of Armistice Day I seem to be missing from the 'Bands' bass trom a paddle that goes on to the Gb plug!!! Can anybody let me know where/how I can obtain a replacement for said paddle as all I have is a straight piece of metal now!! Any help will be gratefully appreciated!!
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    Bass Trom Solos

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    Best Bass Trombone Player!!!!

    This is quite a hard question to answer... There's a few I would like to mention. Andy Snell, ex Grimethorpe and now is living in higher climates, this man was awesome in all registers!! Paul Warder great all round player( even though he did buy my Edwards from me) Benny Morris,Frosty,Garreth...
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    Sold/Expired Edwards B454 For Sale

    No longer for sale Instrument no longer available for sale. Thanks for viewing
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    Sold/Expired Edwards B454 For Sale

    I have unfortunately decided to call it a day in my brass band playing!!! So my trusty stead is up for sale and other items Please feel free to have a gander Here's the link for the beast...
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    What kind of trombone do you play?

    Hi I play on an Edwards B454 Bass Bone, 10.5" Rose bell, Dual Bore Slide which is tremendous and a 02BK Joseph Klier Gobiron. The Edwards is a very repsonsive instrument!! The Edwards has been the best bass bone I've played on so far. Played on a Bach 50B3L trad wrap was a monster to fill
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    Scottish Open 2007 - Perth Concert Hall

    Had a super day in Perth! Great surroundings and also a top find of a place called City Buffet, eat as much chinese food for £5.99!! Comes in handy when your drawn 13!! Hall was great to play..But I must say that I hope the bar takes more provisions next year as they ran out of Draught beer...