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    wow man ure worse than me our floor has a collective time for livin on campus of 744 hours between 8 of us of that weve had 28 hours sleep overall and we don't have freshers week wee arive on sun an lecueres start wed. we had a pub crawl in drag lastnit but somany ppl wake up so late the go to...
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    word association

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    Celebrity Name Game Thread

    roy 'chubby' brown
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    word association

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    Bad Joke Thread....

    AN englishman AN irishamn and a scotishman decide to rob a bank but the police get an annonimouse tip and are waiting for them. upon seeing the police the three me decide to hide in their swag bags, the police see the bags and decide to give them a kick to see what is in them, they kick the bag...
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    horn players, lads or gals???

    my bands the horn section is female orientated but the blokes are on 1st horn
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    Z - A Musical Instrument Thread.

    what about nakers its an instrument honest lute
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    A-Z on computer/console/video games!

    international cricket captain
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    Bird Association Thread

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    Celebrity Name Game Thread

    david bowie
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    word association

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    A-Z UK Place Names