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    Sold/Expired In the market for Bb/F Tenor Trombone or Bass Trombone

    I have 2 basses for sale. A Reynolds double dependent and a Conn 70h single valve. Both are less than a grand. Message me for more info. Bob
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    Sold/Expired Trombones for sale.

    Let me know your email I can send you some pictures. Bob
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    Sold/Expired Trombones for sale.

    I have a large house repair bill imminent and need to shift some of my fleet. Thein Star valves bass trombone. £3800. Extremely pretty and wonderfully engineered trombone. Elkhart Conn 70h 1954. £800. Reynolds Contempora 1977. £850. Elkhart Conn 44h Vocabell. £600. Photos available if required...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Conn 62HG bass trombone

    Dave Todd in Cheltenham is selling a 62hi. If you find a way of contacting him. I don't think he is bander.
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    Sold/Expired Bass Trombone

    Hi Steve. I have a Thein Star valves for sale. A very pretty instrument that blows like a dream. Get in touch. Bob
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    Sold/Expired Seeking old Conn bass trombone

    Sorry I didn't get back to you Dave. I am after something that is in a more original state. Thanks to trombo for your comment. I would prefer to buy in this country and not worry about shipping. If anyone has any leads please get in touch. Bob
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    Sold/Expired Seeking old Conn bass trombone

    Hi folks. I am looking to buy an old Conn bass trombone. Ideally a double dependent valved in slide tuning model. I do realise these babies on thin on the ground, something like rocking horse poo. Get in touch if you can help me with my quest. Email is Cheers. Bob
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    Sold/Expired Yamaha Bass Trombone for sale

    I am selling my beloved Yamaha Bass Trombone to fund the purchase of a new instrument. The instrument is also displayed on Gumtree with 2 pictures. For more details get in touch. Cheers. Bob
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    Sold/Expired Yamaha Bass Trombone for sale

    I am selling my trusty Yamaha bass trombone YBL 613. It is around 18 years old and has the usual lacquer wear around where it is held. I removed the lacquer from the bell and it plays very well indeed. You can get in touch on email to request pictures and/or arrange a viewing...