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    I can't wait for the band version of...

    Ooo, I wish someone would arrange Buenos Aires from Evita! Lots of percussion so must be good! ;) (there isnt one already out is there?!)
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    Nice site

    Archaeology at Bradford? Dont suppose you're going on the Field School to Pompeii?! If so, I'll see you there! :cool:
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    Percussion at the Area: Championship Section

    But how do you cut off the cymbal in time?
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    Harry Potter- Book 6

    I'm in Pompeii for two and a half weeks after it comes out.....noooo! And I cant read Italian! :eek:
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    Movie Association Thread

    Stage Beauty
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    Movie Association Thread

    essex boys
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    Nomination: Best Avatar - tMP Best Picture Award

    i would nominate bravos but that would be majorly biased so will go for griffins coz it makes me wince! :shock:
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    picture of a bariphonium? <runs and hides......but u cant ge me while am up here and might have forgotten by the hols!>
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    The person before...

    ^ confused me for a bit with all the <s, >s, and ^s! ;)
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    cwm rhonda
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    banding love!!!!!!

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    If You Could Make a Sausage

    theres someone near me who makes pork and apple burgers.......soooooooo nice...... :tup
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    What's the best accent?

    :D welsh is v nice, as is most irish and some scottish. not keen on many northern accents, though some lancashire (like lion&albert, thora hird et al!) and yorkshire (a la sean "seewhatyoucandoO2" bean!) are nice 2! but cornish, devonian, zummerzet and doorzet all sound different too!