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    Sold/Expired 2 Tubas (EEb) lying in wait

    More details on Sov You asked for it. Model No = BE981-1-0 Concert model = therefore no carry rings, mouthpipe lower down the bell (may be this is what you mean by straight?) than the brass band model, no protruding pimple on the lower elbow (terrible things I always thought) and lacquer...
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    Sold/Expired 2 Tubas (EEb) lying in wait

    Can anyone help? I'm no-longer playing regularly and I have 2 EEb bass tubas sat in my spare room doing nothing - great shame, shouldn't happen. What's the likely 2nd-hand value: (1) Sovereign 981 (concert model) EEb. Just a few years old. Immaculate condition - one slight dent in the...
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    Class in Banding?

    " soloist from non-Championship Bands...." The people I have in mind, and they are truly some of the best, have work, family, and geographic (too far to travel) things on their plate that prevents them changing from their current unit. One person is simply just happy where they are...
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    HOW TO get more out of a concert

    No, no. There arn't any magic answers here....................yet! Read thread by Soppy that talked of only 50 people at a concert near Ely. Q1: what elements make up a good concert, incl. attendance? Q2: what things make a bad concert?, incl. the listeners, too. Q3: what do we...
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    CD Recordings

    Stanshawe label May be a bit late, but this article sets down the experiences of producing 6 CD's in the UK:
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    Big Problems!

    This has been a topic since I first started with a brass band in 1976. It's nothing new, but, I must say, it remains an issue for those who love brass bands and perform in them. The truth is that brass bands and their music is completely stereotyped - cloth capped miner playing umpah music...
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    Class in Banding?

    Lower section players I've played in every section, except the 3rd for some unknown reason. My experience tells me that talent is NOT bounded by what section you're in. Some of the best soloists I've heard are from non-Champion bands. Long live the choice to play where you feel happiest, I say...
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    Best Trombone Player

    I'd support FlugelJohn's choice of Christian Lindberg (Yea, I know he didn't come across too well at the concert after the RAH Nationals). I did a concert with him and my ol' band with Chris Jeans depping on solo trom. I know Chris wouldn't mind me saying but CL is a Trombone genius -...
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    Any teachers out there?

    Low Brass Advice I am not a teacher but I have given tuba lessons in my 20-odd years of playing. Here are some thoughts - see what you think. Posture is most important when playing larger instruments, especially, as I lost a big chip out of my front tooth when the BBb tuba I was playing as a...