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    Kiveton Brass Festival 2011

    Thurlstone: La Mourisque Demelza (sop solo) Punchinellie The Old Rugged Cross Macarthur Park Congratulations to Peggy and her team for another enjoyable and well organised day which actually finished AHEAD of schedule! We won't leave the cake out next year Peggy!
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    Brighouse March Contest 2011

    Thurlstone is an Unregistered Band which last competed in the Areas in 1982. As there is no section for Unregistered Bands at this particular competition, the organisers placed us in the 4th section. Bearing in mind we came last in the March their judgement would appear to have been correct. We...
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    Ripon entertainment contest 4th June

    Yep - see IJK's post - it's in draw order. Looking forward to Thurlstone's debut at this competition and getting the opportunity to perform in such a lovely venue. Good luck all - see you there!
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    Open DE France - Amboise 2011

    Too right JR. A great weekend as always with great company, cracking weather, and some terrific playing - especially in the march contest. Once again, thanks to Dave and Fiona for organising the trip with their usual military precision!
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    Open DE France - Amboise 2011

    ........ and with five of us, "Team Perc" will be even louder this year! Always a cracking weekend with plenty to see and do. A very well organised and friendly event - I would recommend it to anyone whether playing or spectating. Just hoping the beer fund doesn't dry up at the Spring...
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    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    Absolutely JR - I thoroughly enjoyed playing my Northern Area 'debut' with you - it really could not have gone any better. Great day all round - some good playing, good company, and I remembered it all as I was driving! Big congrats to all my friends at EYMS too!
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    Young Brass Contestants

    Let's hope they broadcast Jonny's performance of "A Time for Peace" next week then.
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    Skelmanthorpe Band Slow Melody Contest 2010

    It's all systems go for tomorrow, with 54 entries representing 14 different bands and people travelling from as far afield as Blackpool, Stoke and London. :clap: Let's hope for another great day's entertainment and friendship. It all kicks off at 10.30am at Pilling Lane Church, Skelmanthorpe...
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    2011 City of Sheffield Band Club - Dates now available

    We'd be delighted to do our annual "Regionals Post-Mortem Date" - Sunday 13th March if that's OK with you.
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    Results Nationals 2010

    ....... and I can assure you all that Jonny is as annoyed about this as anyone - indeed he reported these posts to the mods himself. Fair play - a few years ago he used to post some real s**t on this site and I was the first to chastise him for it. Now he has better things to do with his...
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    Skelmanthorpe Band Slow Melody Contest 2010

    The "catering committee" have confirmed there will be a whiff of bacon butties from around 9.00am in the morning. Yumm :p
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    Kiveton Park Brass Festival Sunday 18/07/2010

    15. (I think the rolling eyes give it away). Fortunately MBJ's counting is a bit better when he's playing horn. :wink:
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    Kiveton Park Brass Festival Sunday 18/07/2010

    No problem with the bar - seek and ye shall find - and no queue either! I really enjoyed the whole day and agree with Stan's comments about the encouraging number of young players on show - especially with Thurcroft Training and Clifton & Lightcliffe. For my lot - delighted with the...
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    French Open Results 2010

    I don’t think our counting was up to much in the theatre (ask Nigel) but at least Dave could smile whilst still playing! ... and contrary to popular belief I only had a couple of drinks before we did the entertainment (OK - they were “formidables” but you never said how large the drinks could...
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    Dates now available for 2010 Stocksbridge Band Club

    OK, here we go.............. Thurlstone Band tomorrow night:- Radetsky March Concerto d'Aranjuez (Flugel Horn - Elle Long) Best of Abba Demelza (Soprano - Geraint Hale) The Final Countdown The Rose Sweet Gingerbread Man One Voice Florentiner March Deep Inside the Sacred Temple (Euphonium -...