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    Brass band romances

    I'm not in a brass band romance at the moment although my current fella does bugle in the army so still a little bit of a brassy connection! In the past I may have had the odd dalliance with a brass player or too though...!
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    Qualifications and Skills (and Relevance)

    It;s been a while since I've been round these parts so I thought I'd start in random and post some well thought out rubbish....this was the easiest way to ease myself back into posting! I have a BA (Hons) Primary Teacher Education (First Class) with QTS, a failed degree in Pharmacology (which...
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    Rugby World cup....

    Mummy and Daddy Twigge are off to watch Wales today - I'm keeping my fingers crossed....but...we shall see!
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    Deathly Hallows : WARNING!! CONTAINS SPOILERS!

    I loved it - although thought that the epilogue (the 18 years later bit) was a bit too naff for my liking! What happened to Fawkes? I always thought he might reappear to help Harry save the day... Glad the Snape thing was resolved - I always trusted Dumbledore, there had to be a good...
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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    I have just got back from watching it (I was very brave and went all by myself!). THought it was definitely the best film of the five so far, although still not a patch on the books, but that's the problem with reading books and seeing films, you can't help but complain. Personally I thought...
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    Graduating this year?

    Ooo how exciting I can join in this year (hopefully)! All Brookes student get their results on monday....except for my course! We have to wait about another month! Good luck those getting them soon, my fingers are crossed
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    So, what are you doing if you're not at the Whits?

    Trying to write my dissertation:eek: ! "Does paired talk, in response to questioning, improve contribution to history lessons in the primary classroom?" Apparently you can't just write yes or no..........
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    tMP - Whit Friday 2007 - Questions and Discussion

    Friday isn;t going to be the same without the Whits John!
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    tMP - Whit Friday 2007 - Questions and Discussion

    I'm envious of your excitement about friday. Friday to me just means that my dissertation is due in in two days....booooo! Have a few beers for me and enjoy your day (in the least i'll be inside, in the library!) xXx
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    Google maps... directions

    It made me chuckle! 1. Go to 2. Click on "maps" 3. Click on "get directions" 4. Type New York in the first box (the "from" box) 5. Type London in the second box (the "to" box) & hit "get directions" on the same line 6. Scroll down to step # 24
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    Sad times for neighbours fans...

    I am sad... Thank god I'm going to be busy during neighbours times next year!
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    A Short Guide to Preparing to Record a Brass Band CD

    I concur! Thought it'd be two really dull days (no offence intended to anybody!) but it was actually quite enjoyable! I do however now have bruised lips (solely my own fault for not playing since the areas) and quite aching shoulders from trying to be so still and quiet all the time...When...
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    I'm a dad too! Again

    Many congratulations to the whole family!
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    Sad times for neighbours fans...

    I think you'll find that you just need educating John! Neighbours is quality drama which provides us with a cultural insight into Australia life whilst avoiding the stereotypes of surfing every day and having barbequed sausages.... Twigge wins ;)
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    Sad times for neighbours fans...

    BBC may lose the rights to neighbours. "Why so bad" you may say...well just imagine if our daily instalments of neighbours were interrupted by advert breaks or not at the regular times of 1.42 and 5.35 (except during Wimbledon and the Christmas period) To find our more information you can...