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    Grimethorpe Announcement

    Well said Sandy and Adrian There are a few silly comments on this thread now! As I can see (and I may be wrong) this is how things are - 1. As far as exposure is concerned this has been a fantastic event for banding to be involved in. With a global audience of billions this is...
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011

    ps Can someone wake me up in the cadenza please!!!
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011

    Really not a fan of Prisms to be honest, sounds like a youth band piece when compared to Year of the Dragon (which was the set test last year). Nothing against Peter Grahams music, Montage and Harrissons Dream are brilliant, but it hasnt exactly inspired me yet (even tho the band is playing...
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011

    Any one else in the Cup feel let down going from Paganini in the Area to Prisms for the Senior Cup?! You can't compare the pieces in either quality o'r demand on players/MD. There are so many better Peter Graham pieces out there. Strange choice. Band - can someone wake me up for the cadenza please?!
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    Welsh Regional Championships - 2010

    Had a fantastic weekend with Deiniolen. Band played brilliantly, which is why I was jumping up and down and shouting on stage!! Dissapointed with Beaumaris' result on Sunday. Thought we gave a decent performance but Mr Brownbill didn't like any of it!! Fantastic result for Tredegar, and a...
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    National Championships Qualifiers - Second Section

    Anyone know whether the composer will be listening? Would be nice to hear his thoughts on the performances. Last year (I played for winners Beaumaris in section 1) Philip Sparke gave our conductor some fantastic feedback, which meant much more coming from him than it did from the adjudicators...
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    National Championships Qualifiers - Second Section

    By the way....apologies for the 4BR photo!! It was taken at Birmingham whilst celebrating 2003 Open win!!!! Thanks a lot Foxy!!!!!!
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    National Championships Qualifiers - Second Section

    Can't say I love it...but can't say I hate it either!!!!! It's pleasant enough in bits (2nd movement could be nice by some bands!) and the rhythmic stuff will catch a few out, especially when the nerves set in!! I think all bands will get through it, but it's the detail which will win it. Also...
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    National Eisteddfod of Wales - Bala 1st & 2nd August - Live on TV

    Many thanks for all messages congratulating Deiniolen and Beaumaris. Deiniolen worked very hard all week and played very well. Having been beaten by Cardiff in Swansea there should be a great contest between the two bands at Harrogate!! Beaumaris played well, even if not all of us were...
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    British Open Results 2008

    Heard 5 out of the top six (sorry Kirky!) and thought it was a clear fight between Cory and Fodens for the top spot, and I had Grimethorpe a whisker ahead of Dyke with Leyland very close behind. Cory had a fantastic sound as always (not that I'm at all biased!!!!) and definately had the wow...
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    National Finals 2008 - 1st Section Test Piece : The Saga of Haakon the Good

    I think this is a great piece of music. Phillip is a rare talent in the fact that it doesn't matter what section he writes for he does not compromise quality or his style. Some composer can be quite patronising when writing for bands outside the Championship section, Phillip is definately not...
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    Cambridge International Masters

    This is the most entertaining thread I have read for ages!!! Class! PART A- In support of the "Top Bands" Having been in the (so-called) top bands I know that they go to every contest either a) expecting to win; or b) at the very least coming in the top places. They come to this conclusion...
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    Sold/Expired recording of Sunset Rhapsody

    The piece was used at the Second Section finals a few years ago, in Dundee, and the bands were given a recording of their performance. Perhaps you could ask the winning band for a copy! I also have a recording that Leyland DAF did for Radio2, sometime during the early 1990s. There is also an...
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    Stuart Pullin

    Thinking of all of Stuarts family at this time. Extremely upsetting for all who knew him. A great lad ( a colleague from Salford and Yorkshire Building Society Band). You will be missed SP.