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    Test Pieces

    Firestorm (Stephen Bulla) Trittico (curnow) Connotations or Dances and Arias (Gregson....fantastic!!!) Is it James Cook Circumnavigator (that's superb!)?! Entertainments (Vinter) Spectrum! (Vinter) Year of the Dragon (Sparke) or Partita Variations on a ninth?! is that the title!? i'm...
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    Study Score for national finals!?

    Does anyone know if there is a study score on sale for the upcoming brass band finals at the albert hall? Cheers!
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    Look a likes?

    Our bass trombone player looks just like kathy Burke!
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    Could someone please end what has been a lifelong confusion! Why do some players play with what seems to be a plastic rim around their mouthpiece? Thanks!!
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    I bought mine over the phone directly from the albert hall box office. The number is: 020 7589 8212 :D
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    tMP Band to play at 2004 Pontins

    Name: Ben Gernon Instrument played: Eb bass Other Instruments played: Current position held: Eb bass Your Present Band : Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band Section of Band: 1st Is your Band playing at the contest?: yeah! Are you prepared to play a solo item?: Yeah! Bring it on! :D Will be...
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    Best and Worst Moments on a Contest Stage

    Worst: partita-sparkey piece! great piece :wink: It was at Leamington Spa contest. We had waited all day and we were the last band on in the championship section on a sunday night-so no one was there!!!! Anyway...don't know what happened?!! Started playing the piece and I just couldn't play...
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    Why are OS maps so big and clumsy?

    Yes you did just type that. Not very nice at all. :x I think they're stupidly big and clumsy (the maps that is!)- Duke of Edinburgh expeditions have proved that! When it's chucking down with rain, you're lost, and it's getting dark......the last thing you want is a huge bulky map that's a...
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    oBsEsSiVe cOmPuLsIvE dIsOrDeR ???

    You scored 13 out of 20 in Part A. (0 indicates no OCD tendencies, while 20 indicates maximum OCD tendencies.) You scored 7 out of 20 in Part B. (0 indicates no OCD tendencies, while 20 indicates maximum OCD tendencies.) :oops:
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    Sold/Expired Bourgeois scores anyone?!

    Cheers Roger!! :D Anyone else got a score to Apocalypse? lol :D
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    Sold/Expired Bourgeois scores anyone?!

    Does anybody own a score to apocalypse and or Blitz that they would like to sell (cheaply :wink: ) or let me borrow for a period-i need to study them!! ta! :D
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    Nomination: Best user nominated Banding CD

    Bourgeois in Brass -YBS!! What a fantastic CD! :D
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    Sport Relief - a new tMP Event?

    Yup! Count me in if I'm free!!! :D
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    What key signature are you?

    Hey guess what?!!! I'm........... Eb Major! :D
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    What was the first......?

    Pontins!!!!!!!!! What a way to start hey??!!!! Purcell Variations. :D