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    score re-production

    is there a service avaliable where i could send somebody a score and they could re-produce the band parts off it using sibelius? don't know what copyright implications this would have. anybody help?
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    Best solo EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    yes... by golden slippers!!! ;)
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    Glorifico Aeternum and ISB...

    Just thought i'd have my say... personally i think Glorifico is great and its easy to listen to unlike some of the rubbish that gets churned out at band contests these days!! ;)
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    Glorifico Aeternum and ISB...

    Wow just read through this thread, and this is more heated than the original jubilee thread on which i made a few controversial comments!! :)
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    Glorifico Aeternum and ISB...

    well said!
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    The 'Official' tMP Welsh Regional Thread

    I take offence!! ;)
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    Hendon Highlights?

    Thanks carl
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    Hendon Highlights?

    What was the title of the cornet solo?
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    The 'Official' tMP Welsh Regional Thread

    Wales 3rd section - What a fix!!!! Why was it that the adudictaor walked up onto the stage from the box and the results left the room for 10mins and were brought back in and read by officials. The band that won the 3rd section played an absolute rubbish performace of tamo'shanter's ride...
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    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    Alan Losh - what a guy! 3rd down in ISB has ventured through golden slippers amongst others in his soloist career. He has a immense sound, just spent a week with him at TMS. Top guy, very under-rated! Also i think john_flugel will agree with me on this one Ian Williams from BAYV!!! :wink:
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    Solos - what do you expect to hear?

    Or maybe you should be paying us cornet players to steal our solos!! :wink:
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    Steven Day - 'Brass Bands my way'

    Just thought I'd revive this thread as its been lying dormant for a while just like myself but i'm back now! And i've just realised that i'm the 46th highest poster, i think that deserves some kind of prize!!! Any thoughts?? :wink:
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    Hadleigh Temple Guest Night, Sat 12th June 2004

    at least a euphonium has valves on which to play the solo :wink:
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    Solos - what do you expect to hear?

    Thats right! :lol: