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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    I think a big part of this problem is that the UK contest organisers have looked to the European own choice pieces to set as tests. These pieces have largely been written as tour de forces to show off a band's sound and technical prowess, safe in the knowledge that in the European competition...
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    Really? Isn't that a bit like saying 'all bands have aspirations of playing in the top section'? There may be some that haven't. I know I've played in a 1st section band in the past that at the time had no desire to be in the top section. The vast majority of 1st section bands are there because...
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    What should be the Bond and Commitment between Band and Player?

    Yes, I think the first consideration for both band and player is 'Does what I want match closely enough with what they want?'. This is why honesty at the recruitment stage is so important. Of course, part of the problem with all this means that player availability (or lack of it) leads to poor...
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    What makes a Conductor/MD good or become good?

    I missed it too, however I wouldn't mind guessing at who the attacks were aimed at...
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    Which mouthpiece would suit doubling between bass and tenor trombone?

    Will you be playing 1st or 2nd tenor? I find I can get away with 2nd using a 1.5. I use a 1.5 when playing bass anyway.
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    Contest Stewards, who are these clowns??

    I should imagine that he knows Nick Childs reasonably well. That contest takes place outside Nick's local...
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    Rimmer Marches

    Which might be why Wingates rejected it as their signature march...
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    Camping options for Whit Marches

    Well-i-Hole in Greenfield is your nearest option.
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    Why are they pitched Bb or in Eb?

    Never mind, you were in good company...
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    Why are they pitched Bb or in Eb?

    Hands up who remembers this thread which contains several pearls of wisdom around the subject of transposition amongst other things...
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    Borrowed Players for Spring Festival

    My understanding is that the rule effectively stops bands in the Spring Festival from borrowing players who played at the previous year's British Open. The band I'm playing with has a couple of players who will be playing for other bands at the British Open in September, but what they couldn't...
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    Which section for these test pieces ?

    Are you on the selection panel now? ;)
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    Marsden Silver

    Yes, apparently it's down to the strength of Welsh banding...
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    Sold/Expired Looking for King Duo Gravis Bass trombone

    In my humble opinion it's the 6b you want. some think the valve register is stuffy because of the closed wrap and dependent set up, but I personally find it ideal as you can get a wide colour range on it.
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    Sold/Expired 2nd Hand Yamaha Neo - BBb Tuba

    Given their recent availability coupled with a general lack of funds, I'd be surprised if they've been sold in any kind of number yet and where they have been sold, are probably still very much in use. Don't hold your breath too long...