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    Suggest your 2008 Lower Section Area Piece

    How about this list then? 4th Sect; Moses in Egypt or London River 3rd Sect; Snowdon Fantasy or Resurgam 2nd Sect; Oberon Overture or Voices of Youth 1st Sect; High Peak or Tallis Variations Just a thought it would be nice to hear some good old music now and then.
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    Bass Clef tutors

    Have you tried to get hold of the Arban for Euphonium in Bass Cless. I have it and it's cracking. Mind you I purchased mine from America many many years ago.
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    Sold/Expired Tuba Solo: Gabriels Oboe

    Can anyone help me? I'm after the Tuba Solo GABRIEL'S OBOE that was played by the European Youth Brass Band, during the Evening concert at the 2003 European Championships in BERGEN, Norway. Any help would be appreciated in the procurement of this piece. Thanks
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    Champion Band of Wales topic on 4BR

    Champion Band! In reply to JessopSmythe comments: Treherbert Band was crowned by stealth, rules changed mid season to suit a certain band. Surely, the organisation should have waited until 2003 season had finished and implemented the new system in 2004. Ammanford was crowned 1st Div...
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    Images of the Millenium (Howard Snell)

    Images of the Millenium You would be better of contacting the LEYLAND BAND as to where they got/have the music. I played with them during the Welsh Arts Festival with my band Parc & Dare. A very good piece and quite excellent conceret number for 2 bands.
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    Where do Bass Trombonists come from?

    Bass Bone? Well Gentlemen of this magnificent instrument. What can I say. Me started on cornet and as I grew older and bigger, the instruments did the same. :oops: Generally, I prefered BT to tenor but now playing Eb bass for my band and BT for Dance Band. When I'm old and grey(cough) and...
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    Champion Band of Wales topic on 4BR

    Welsh Champs!!! Hi Selwyn, I agree with you, years ago it was a pleasure to do at least 5/6 contests a year. It made banding enjoyable and the prize money was worth it then, but now it doen't cover the cost of the petrol/deisel. I am wondering if the association got scared by not...
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    Request for help!

    Highland Cathedral for Brass Band :D Hope at last. There is an arrangement just for Brass Band done by PF Loveday for a CD that was sold in Canada & North America. Recorded by Parc & Dare Band for Guthrie Woods manufacturing Company, Canada. :shock: CD Name : Thine be the Glory...