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    Can there honestly be a ''Best'' conductor??

    Wow, I'm not sure really. I guess it would have to be a conductor of an orchestra due to him/her needing a good grip on more instrument families. I suppose, using that theory, a brass band conductor would be the easiest. But then you could flip the coin and say that a brass band conductor...
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    Funny Ebay Instruments

    EBay - The modern day car boot sale of the far east.
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    Sold/Expired Instrument seller suggestions?

    Ok, that has given me a few more places to look. Sounds like its definitely worth looking around for a while if the prices can vary that much. Thanks a lot for the help guys
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    Sold/Expired Instrument seller suggestions?

    I am considering getting my own instrument (Eb Bass). I couldn’t seem to find any general posts on sellers, prices or deals. If anyone has any personal suggestions/recommendations or if there is a link you can point me to I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Matt
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    How far do you go

    That is dedication! 5 mins for me, so I cant complain. We moved to a new band room recently which is even closer for me, which is pretty good.
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    6 letters game

    d s p r e t Drighlington sufficiently produced rather excellent testpiece SOLITQ
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    Black Dyke and David King

    Yeah, I dont think you will get many arguments there. As a conductor, he comes up with great interpretations of pieces.
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    Funny Ebay Instruments

    Haha, that is brilliant. I pity the bass section that uses those Tubas ! :-D Hmm... although it does look easier to carry around than my current one, perhaps I better get me one of those.
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    Cant remember the name of this piece...

    Thats the one, thanks ! :D
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    Cant remember the name of this piece...

    Hi guys, our band needs to play "swing low sweet chariot" and i know we have a piece of music with that as one of the movements. The problem is i cannot remember the name of it.this is what i do know though :D ... i) I played it about 4-7 years ago at the wessex course ii) I think it has 3...
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    Go on, sign this petition, you know you want to....

    As long as he doesnt come back on TV with that load of rubbish i dont really care :lol:
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    Ha ha. Nice one, they were funny :D
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    Why I love the English language

    :lol: They are brilliant.
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    Should Beckham loose armband?

    Watching the Euro 2004 matches, he has played too casually which came across to me like he didnt really care. He has become too much of a defensive player and never looked like he was going to set up the strikers as he did in days of old :? . On his perfomance at Euro 2004 i wouldn't have him...
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    :lol: . Yeah the reviews are the best bit.