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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2013

    Not sure about the copyright infringments but I know ours is on Soundcloud. I the Hebden Bridge's from the 1st Section has been put on there as well.
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    Gig bag for Prestige baritone

    Hi all, I'm looking for as decent gig bag for my Prestige baritone. Not particulalrly bothered if it's leather or fabric. I don't really want a 'gig-bag' though. I have seen a fabric Reunion blues one for euphonium which looks really good - do they do them for baritone? (I can't seem to track...
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2012

    I seem to remember doing Checkmate in the Ballroom in about 2001. ****** awful.
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2012

    Final thoughts, Paddy...?
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    Robert Childs & Cory

    The same thing popped into my mind as well...
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    Agatha Christie's Poirot (ITV3 7.55pm Friday 18 November 2011)

    I've just watched this episode and was wondering exactly the same thing. The other half says it sounds like Black Dyke, but I'm not so sure. They're certainly a good band whoever they are, and not the usual standard of band that gets roped into providing incidental music for tv programmes...
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    The one vowel thread!

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    Cheaper Bass trombones

    I must admit, I really liked the JP Rath Bb/F tenors - I had a blow on both the medium and large bore models a few weeks ago. I know that Rath are bringing out an intermediate set of instruments under their own name, but not sure it includes a bass model. They might be worth a look when they do...
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    Highlight of your 2011 year.........

    Being involved in a fantastic performance and result at the Area, followed by a remarkable week of rehearsals culminating in a great performance at the Nationals in October. Seeing and hearing the transformation in 6 rehearsals really was amazing! :D Bring on 2012 - full bifta!!! :clap:
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    Cross Patonce

    I think Merrily We Roll Along is in the last movement...
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    spring festival 2012

    I don't know Chivalry, but the other 2 are great choices. :clap: I'm looking forward to having another crack at Shoulders of Giants, and will definitely go and see a few of the bands in the Senior Cup on the Elgar.