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    WMBBA contest cancelled.

    Im sure the WMBBA may reply formally, but as I personally know, the contest at Leamington was run as a loss making concern for a few years (as this was the preferred venue)- the hire costs of the Spa Centre rose dramatically. Given that the association doesnot have a bottomless pit of money, it...
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    Cornet teacher wanted - West Midlands

    Try Craig Stevens. Brass teacher with Walsall LEA but also does some private tuition. I can let you have a mobile number if needed.
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    So does this mean that all other contests are not looking to make a profit / break even and tat ARE pushing forward banding? Sorry, butno profit = no contest. These things are not cheap to run. This year's WMBBA contest may be the last, because the association cannot afford to keep subsidising...
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    As much as everyone can debate change, unless Kapitol allow / dictate change, nothing will happen. Many regional committees have been pushing for some / all of these changes for a long time, but remember the contest is essentially run and owned by a private company and they can do what they...
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    Paddy's English Nationals - 2011

    It is interesting to see bands complaining that they cant get an invite to the English Nationals. The BFBB looked long and hard after last years contest at the make up of competing bands to provide a contest that was attractive to both bands and audiences (Both audience members and bands have...
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    Cheating at contests cont . .

    Sorry...thought these were band contests, not 'can an individual play a written part' ???? Why is swapping parts called cheating? If the MD gets the best out of the band by doing this, then why not. Is this any different to say a solo cornet bench dropping to 2 players for a pp section because...
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    English Nationals - Why.....

    Ok My 2p worth.... The BFBB has put in a lot of effort to the Arts Council to get funding for this position. The aim is that the person will yes be able to liaise with arts bodies, but will also be a full time resource that bands can use - e.g. help with funding applications, events, contact...
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    "Cheating" at contests

    Agreed. The contests are testing bands - its not a solo contest... In the past I've had solo cornets play my 3rd cornet part (because it was upper register - not my forte) but then also vice versa - I've played a short solo passage in a major test peice because the was below the stave - we...
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2010

    PROVISIONAL table (pasted form Excel - sorry for formatting) Band 2008 2009 2010 Total City of Coventry 9.5 2 7 18.5 Derwent 9.5 8.5 2 20 Foresters Brass 2000 9 4 8 21 Oddfellows 9.5 8.5 3 21 Jackfield 9.5 8.5 4 22 Shirland Welfare 9.5 8.5 5 23 Foss Dyke 5 5 14 24 Carlton Brass 4 6...
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    Band Banner suppliers?

    Try any leisurewear or local school uniform supplier. We had banners made and embroidered by a local company for <£500. Also, walking out blazers - school suppliers are great for these (even larger stomach sizes) - example is embroidered blue blazer for c. £28
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    West Midlands Association Contest 2009 (Leamington Spa)

    First Section (Adjudicator John Berryman) 1 Langley 186 Cliff Parker 2 Bedworth Brass 184 Guy Bennett 3 Wigston 183 Garry Sleath 4 Shirley 182 Dave Lea 5= Egham 181 Gareth Green 5= Hathern 181 Walter Ritchie Soloist – Saphran Ali (Euphonium) Langley Second Section...
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    Brass band romances

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    Brass band romances

    For me.... I did meet my now wife, not only via banding but also via tMP 5 years ago....about the time I stoppped regularly posting on tMP lol! Married last Friday (4th Sep 09).
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    2009 English Nationals

    Why does the "BFBB running leave things to be desired"? The key guys behind this (Frank and Derek) are two of the most experienced contest organisers that I know of - they are behind the Spring Festival, the Open and the Pontins contest to name a few. - no mean feat. I don't think that the...
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    Euph player wanting a midlands band!

    Hi Sarah, Give Cliff a call or drop a mail. I've let him know you are back in the Midlands