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    The End Of Stockport Brass.

    All good ideas but sadly the reality is that it takes a long time to establish financially successful concerts, patrons socities etc, which was time that just wasn't available. As has been said it wasn't through lack of trying, please let's not get into arguments about what could have been...
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    Stockport Brass for Sale

    Stockport Brass have recently been playing to their largest Stockport audience yet playing at a match of Rugby Union team Sale Sharks. The band had an invite from Sale Sharks to play at their match against French team Brive on Friday 4th April at their Edgeley Park ground. The match was the...
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    Uniforms lost...and others found

    Thanks to those who offered help, the uniforms have now been found. If anyone knows who the owner of the red & gold uniform might be let me know :)
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    Uniforms lost...and others found

    Following the North West Area contest at Blackpool on Sunday a suit carrier with some band jackets in was misplaced, either in Blackpool or Manchester. If anyone has spotted a stray suit carrier containing blue stage jackets and a plain black blazer could they please contact...
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    Stockport Brass on TV Again

    Stockport Brass have once again been gracing the airwaves, this time with an appearance on Manchester television station Channel M. There has been a lot of work recently on increasing the profile of the band in the local community, and following on from appearances in local concerts and...
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    Stockport Brass (ex BT Band) vacancies (NW champ section)

    Stockport Brass vacancies (NW champ section) Stockport Brass (formerly the BT Band) are looking for a bass player and an assistant principal cornet to fill our current vacancies. We rehearse on Mondays and Thursdays, 8-10pm and we are based in Stockport, south of Manchester with great...
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    BT Band to become Stockport Brass

    Stockport Brass is Born Following loss of sponsorship the BT Band would like to announce it’s rebranding as Stockport Brass. The name was decided upon following a vote of members of the band, and reflects a desire to return to local community roots. Although the band are actively seeking a...
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    The BT Band onTV!!!!

    You might also be able to watch it after lunchtime if you click 'Local News' on the left and select 'Granada Reports - 22/11/07', although I'm not sure if this is just the lunchtime news
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    Calling all BT Band ex-members!

    BT Band 40th Anniversary Reunion Party The BT Band are looking for ex-members for their 40th Anniversary Reunion Party on Friday 23rd November, to be held at the Great Moor Conservative Club in Stockport. There are many players who have played with BT in its various forms and moved on to...
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    Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain

    First time I went to the USA with YABB I was a youthful 20 year-old, and there has been the odd younger person on the trip. I don't think I was ever ID'd, but as long as you're sensible and don't go stupid you should be fine. There's usually a couple of older one's (like YABB veteran...
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    Stockport Brass (ex BT Band) vacancies (NW champ section)

    Solo trombone (& front row) - NW championship The BT Band (championship section, North West) require a Solo Trombone player. We also still have a vacancy for assistant principal cornet. After starting our 40th anniversary year by winning the championship section of the Brass at the Guild...
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    Stockport Brass (ex BT Band) vacancies (NW champ section)

    1st horn vacancy Due to relocation the BT Band require a 1st horn player after the North West areas. If you are interested or just want to find out more please email/pm me, or ring me on 07751140443 or MD Mike Fowles on 07976232446. All queries treated in confidence. We also still have a...
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    Stockport Brass (ex BT Band) vacancies (NW champ section)

    Percussionists, where are you? Just a quick update, we are still looking for a percussionist to complete our line-up. If you might be interested please please get in touch and find out more (contact details above), all queries treated with strictest confidence. Helen
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    Stockport Brass (ex BT Band) vacancies (NW champ section)

    Assistant Principal Cornet vacancy The BT Band (Championship section, North West) are currently looking for an Assistant Principal Cornet as our current bumper-up (Gaz Wynne) leaves us to start his new career in the army. We're a hard-working band with a lot of spirit, and if you fancy...
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    Pimp my snack

    Actually it's already been done by my brother and his girlfriend!! I can testify that it tasted delicious, although you had to be careful not to break your teeth on it (they managed to smash a pan trying to break it), and I believe there's still some left in our fridge (he made this over 2...