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    Best Tuba Player?

    The best I have heard has to be John Fletcher. In the SA banding world at the moment I don't think there are many if any that are better than Paul Drury. He is a great section leader as well as being fine soloist.
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    What was your fisrt Solo?

    First solo I played was Seranade by Schubert, with piano accomp. First with band was Life's Pageant.
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    Salvation Army Bandsmen&women Past&present

    I am a Salvationist and a member of our corps band at Edinburgh Gorgie. A few of the people who play in the band have played in or are currently playing in non SA bands.
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    Best Performance - ever!!!!

    Best live contest performances for me were by Black Dyke at the European championships at Falkirk in 1990 when they played The Essence of Time in the morning and Harmony Music in the afternoon and were awrded 99 points for each!!
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    What BRAND of mouthpiece do you play?

    I can confirm that gorgieboy's mouthpiece is manky! He forgot to tell you that he uses a Bach 1 1/2 C when playing soprano.
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    Salvation Army Bands

    I too have found this to be a very interesting thread. The postings from some of the former SA bandsmen have been both encouraging and challenging. As a SA BM I find myself constantly questioning what is the function of SA bands and are they as relevant today as they have been throughout...
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    Whatever it costs - £12, £12.95 or £12.60, it's worth having!
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    Poll: Best SA Festival Piece

    In no particular order: The Lord is King Praise Corpus Christi Macabeus My comfort and strength Toccata Oh the blessed Lord Symphony of thanksgiving Shine as the Light Kingdom Triumphant King of Kings Present Age I could go on but better not!!!
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    Favourite Hymn Tune?

    One of my favourites is "On Jordans Banks". It's a good marching tune. Good arrangement of this has been done by Gorgie Boy - recently recorded by Fuoco Brass.