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    Derek B Scott

    I'm not familiar with his work. It seems odd that there's a full album of work by someone that pretty much no-one in either the brass band goldfish bowl or the wider classical world will be familiar with. Especially when there are more well known composers whose brass band work hasn't really had...
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    Democrats to flee the country?

    I read recently (can't remember where) that major players in the DNC were watching our recent election very closely and took some lessons from Labour's shellacking in terms of abandoning (or not) the centre ground. Although the 'centre ground' in US politics, as jobriant points out, is not where...
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    The Zen of Playing Silence

    "that swung like a statue's c**k" was my favourite ever brass band swing metaphor...
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    Chords and their voicing

    A good rule of thumb is the Denis Wright method of balancing a chord, which is to try and achieve a balance in every section and overlap them. In a hymn tune there are generally four basic lines reflecting the four main choral voices, soprano, alto, tenor and bass, and it's better not to give...
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    BBE Conference Gregson's Observations

    I wasn't there but I watched bits online - am I right in thinking that the discussion about "are contests fit for purpose" got a bit bogged down in individual members'/bands' grievances about perceived injustices and "unfairness" rather than actually getting to grips with the topic at hand...
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    The Pitman (greenwood)

    Coppull and Standish have it, or at least used to. We used it as a kind of 'signature march' for a while when I was there... And Wingates definitely have it, because I played it on the CD Chris mentions above. Perspectives of Pretoria is on iTunes if you want to download it, I think.
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    Is this cheating . . . Band's thoughts?

    Are you being serious? Do you really think top section bands are remotely interested in this, when they could do a much more lucrative concert with less effort or risk? Or prepared to forego championship status which has often been hard won over the course of a decade or more's hard graft? If...
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    Is this cheating . . . Band's thoughts?

    Nonetheless, as you point out, they're still unregistered. They choose not to contest. Or more to the point, they choose not to register, which given that it's both a ball-ache and an expense, seems perfectly sensible to me. Them's the rules. Your issue seems to be that they're somehow "too...
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    Is this cheating . . . Band's thoughts?

    So to sum up, an 'unregistered' band happens to have a few players who are also members of another unregistered band? No, it's not a problem, or cheating. I've never, ever understood why we insist that brass band players, uniquely amongst any instrumentalists, are only "allowed" to be members of...
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    Dates for some T.J. Powell Marches?

    Try contacting the City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Band in South Wales. Powell was their conductor from 1922-1961, a period which almost certainly covers the composition of his most famous marches. I know they have original MS copies of some of his stuff and may have more information. T.J...
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    Is it to early.................?

    Yes :D Although I've heard a rumour which I hope is true, RSA's criminally underperformed 'Seacapes' for the top section. Fab piece. I'll certainly be showing my face in the town hall for a listen is this turns out to be true!
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    Music for Scottish themed concert

    The Sword and the Star (features the folk song 'Flowers of the Forest'; Edinburgh Uni Brass Band featured it in a concert a few years back)
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    Self Publishing Brass Band Music

    I do it. The question is, why do you want to? Are you wanting to retain more revenue? Are you finding it hard to get someone to take your works on? Do you just want to stay in sole charge of quality? I wrote and maintain my own website, and do all my own music typesetting, editing...
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    wind band contest pieces for brass band?

    The UK is afaik the only country in the world where the traditional brass band as we know out outnumbers wind bands. And even that's not absolutely certain, because precise numbers of either are not available.
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    Missing part - "Salute to Jolson"

    Thank you - glad to have that cleared up! In turn, apology gratefully accepted - you also have my sympathy, that sounds like no fun at all. Interesting. Maybe it's browser dependent. Don't really know how the Xenforo software works - back in the day when it was vBulletin I'd sort of got my...